Kion Chris Darkshani reveals beneficial ideas on how to be a good father

March 16, 2018 – Kion Chris Darkshani, an author and public speaker who is well known for his excellence sheds light on how to be a good father. How to be a good father can be disseminated along 40 different points or 400 different points, or 4,000 different points depending on one’s audience, upbringing and life experiences.

For me, the biggest thing is learning and applying what my father didn’t do for me while growing up. I had a very good father, he loved me very much but sadly he passed away in 2014. Actually, there was no lack of love from my father, he just didn’t know how to show it very well and I think that’s a common thing among the male gender as a whole,” said Kion Chris Darkshani

I try to show my three boys love and let them know that I love them in a way that my father didn’t. My father travelled a lot in his career; looking back, his answer on showing love was to provide material things. He got us the Go Kart for Christmas or the Suzuki dirt bike. That was just his own way of showing love and that’s kind of the way that he also was brought up so there’s a cycle that perpetuates.

As a father, I try and continue to strive every day to break that cycle, and show my children the love in a manner that I was not shown. First of all, tell them you love them by spending time with them for instance, I get up every morning with my children and I make them breakfast while I let their mother stay in bed, I bring her coffee.

I start my day spending quality one on one time with my children. Making them breakfast, talking to them, making jokes and having fun with one another, and most of the time I’ll take them  to school by myself without my wife.

Things as simple as that shows them that you love them and shows them that they’re wanted and needed and that’s something I never had with my dad. Those are the things that they will learn from and it’ll stick with them, and hopefully they will carry it on to their own children.

In summary, to be a good father, one needs to be attentive, be there for their children and let them know that you love them. It doesn’t have to be with monetary things, lavish trips, gifts, toys, it can simply be taking them to the park, just hanging out with them, take them to go eat with you, take them to go eat wings without their mother, etc.

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