Delve into the inspirational story of generation’s passage of wisdom.

Germantown, TN – Mar 16, 2018 – Over time, people will in general share their experiences, good and bad, with family and friends. This contribution is valuable and allows one generation to expand its understanding and respect for one another.

The author’s objective is to pass the torch of wisdom that she gleaned from her southern family elders to future generations seeking solutions from actual tried and proven life experiences. She has honored those who gave her a surprising legacy, which prompted her awareness that those who seem dimwitted are not necessarily stupid, that those who are poor are not necessarily impoverished, and that those who are greatly educated are not necessarily intelligent.

In this book, Scarlett O’Hara “prissiness” and Forrest Gump “insight” collide, creating a convincing Mississippi delta Memoir that reveals realities about the South and that will answer countless questions you never dared ask.

Filled with delightful and thought-provoking illustrations, this book is penned in well-structured and simple English. It is guaranteed to captivate its readers and push them along in anticipation as they flip from page to page.

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About the author

By profession a medical scientist, Brenda Haynes Brown currently serves as an editorial advisor for medical journals. She is board certified by the American Association of Integrative Medicine in four medical fields. She is southern born and bred, being “up to snuff” about saying frankly what’s on her mind.

Making use of her ingrained southern entertaining capabilities, she has been active as an event planner and beauty pageant sponsor.

She is a graduate of Barbizon Academy of Modeling and Etiquette, doing bouts of modeling work for charity. In the drama arena, Haynes Brown is notable for her Southern Belle monologues and skits.

She is an award-winning Christian singer-songwriter. She has published a book of her psalms and poetry, Wounded Healer, in 2015.

Brown currently resides in the Memphis, TN, area with her husband, Larry. They have a son, Jameson, who resides in Houston, TX.

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TITLE: Snuff Jars and Jelly Glasses-To the Mississippi Delta Born: a Memoir

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