VendomeHomeOffice Selling New Cable Management Box Organizer on Amazon

Works For Keeping Surge Protectors and Wires Covered While Organizing Wires, Thus Keeping Them From Being Jumbled Up

Stamford, CT – March 16, 2018 – Businesses and homes often struggle with issues where they have lots of wires and cords scattered all around a spot. This is not only difficult to bear with but also unsightly in many cases. But VendomeHomeOffice is looking to help businesses with resolving this commonplace issue with the help of a new product. This is called the Cable Management Box Organizer, and it is currently available for sale on Amazon.

This product is designed for businesses of all sorts, but the company is especially looking to sell its products to entrepreneurs. The products that the company will sell are geared to help smaller businesses and professionals with moving forward with their lives and doing more to be productive and active in many ways.

The VendomeHomeOffice organizer works with a simple layout. The user will first place the organizer onto a spot where cords and wires might be found. It could be on the floor or a desk or counter. Either way, the fine off-line oval appearance of the organizer will look much nicer in a spot than just a bunch of wires all tangled up in a spot.

The inside of the organizer can fit an entire surge protector. The cords and outlets that go into that surge protector can be organized and fit inside of that same space. All items are fitted in well so all those wires in a spot will be secured in one area.

This even has a small opening at the top for any phone or tablet chargers among other charging items that one might have a regular need for.

The box organizer keeps everything together and even has a raised bottom to allow any heat produced in the area to be let out, thus keeping overheating risks from being a serious problem.

This even comes with rubber feet on its bottom. These produce a nice grip on the floor or table surface to keep the unit from shifting around.

VendomeHomeOffice is proud to offer this new box organizer on Amazon. The company is aiming to make more products for office use in the future with the intention of making work easier for anyone.

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