CertaPet Applauds United Airlines New Policy Regarding ESAs

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Today, Certapet, a tele-mental health service for those in need of Emotional Support Animals, announced their support in the new United Airlines regulation regarding flying with pets. Connecting Licensed Mental Health Professionals to [qualified] individuals with an emotional or mental disability, CertaPet not only agrees with the changes being made at United but advocates for other airlines to follow suit.

Of the current ESA regulation now in place at United, Director of Clinical Development for the company, Haley Neidich, expresses CertaPet’s positive perspective on the matter.

“We are excited that United Airlines has taken this step to further legitimize ESAs. We look forward to other airlines following suit with regards to similar policy changes in the future.”

“It is important to us at CertaPet that we do our best to make sure that people who actually benefit mentally and emotionally from ESAs are the ones who obtain a recommendation for one. The changes that the airlines are now making to ensure that ESAs are legitimate has inspired us to work with the therapists in our network to deepen their evaluation processes.”

“We view the changes that we are now seeing from multiple airlines is a step towards legitimizing the process of traveling with an Emotional Support Animal. We are committed to any steps that further legitimize the ESA process and welcome these changes. We hope to continue to be a part of the conversation in shaping the future of what it means to travel with an ESA.”

On March 1st, 2018, United Airlines new policy on flying with animals went into effect. In order to fly, Emotional Support Animal owners will now need to have:

  1. A signed ESA letter from a Licensed Mental Health Professional
  2. A Veterinary Health Form alongside a copy of their animal’s current shot record
  3. A signed testament to their animal’s behavior in order to take their animal onboard with them

Additionally, it is required to provide all three documents to United Airlines 48 hours prior to the flight.

About Certapet: With a main goal to help those in need of an Emotional Support Animal, Certapet strongly believes that having an ESA can be beneficial, valuable, and provide an overall positive effect on a person’s mental health. From depression to PTSD to anxiety and more, Emotional Support Animals assist their owner in managing their mental or emotional condition and can potentially reduce the symptoms each individual faces. CertaPet connects individuals who believe they may have a disabling condition or mental health diagnosis with a Licensed Mental Health Professional who provides an evaluation and treatment for the client through a secure online platform. If the therapist determines that the client meets the criteria for an Emotional Support Animal, they will issue a letter in support of that client having an ESA.

Learn more at: https://www.certapet.com/faq/how-to-get-an-emotional-support-animal/

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