Digital Citizenship program prepares Dehesa students for online world

In today’s digital age, it is essential for students to know how to navigate the internet safely and effectively.

The Digital Citizenship program at Dehesa provides students with the skills and knowledge they need to use technology responsibly and enhance their learning experience with the use of various online tools and resources.

Throughout the year, students participate in a series of online courses that introduce them to the fundamentals of internet use and online safety. Many of the lessons taught in class are taken directly from Common Sense Media, which offer comprehensive learning resources based on the research by Dr. Howard Gardner and the Good Play Project at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

These lessons cover more than 65 topics: privacy and security, relationships and communication, cyberbullying and digital drama, digital footprints and reputation, self-image and identity, information literacy, creative credit and copyright.

About the Dehesa School District

Founded in April 5,1876, the Dehesa School District is one of the oldest school districts in San Diego County. It serves students from kindergarten to 8th grade and consists of a single school located in the eastern part of the county. The district provides each student with an equal opportunity to excel academically and acquire the skills necessary to succeed beyond the classroom. Dehesa School is governed by a five-member school board and the Superintendent, Nancy Hauer.

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