Watch Out for Cryptocurrency Adoption in Mainstream Economy: HK Financial

Shenzhen Shi, China – March 16th, 2018 – The recent rise and fall of bitcoin might put doubts even in its best followers. Does cryptocurrency have a future? Given its decentralized and anonymous nature, and the peer-to-peer transfer of currencies, it is likely to see more and more adoption in the near future, according to HK Financial, an innovative professional financial services firm.

Bitcoin and other alt coins are as good as property and a store of value. So digital tokens and coins are not merely limited to a form of transactions. The recent challenges, such as exchange hacks, SEC rulings, banning of ICO investments and advertising, should be seen in the larger picture, where fraudulent activities are more likely to do harm than good.

Bitcoin has almost earned its place in the public mind as something to aspire to, but also as an extremely risky investment. The extremely secure nature of its cryptographic nature with the use of private keys and wallets is however a strong plus point. No wonder blockchain and new tokens are storming every aspect of business and economy.

We are still in the initial stages of a new currency revolution, and hopefully once the regulatory aspects are resolved and cryptocurrency goes mainstream, the world will have a new form of money and investment in its hands,” said a spokesperson from HK Flinancial.

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