The x2 ICOs I would recommend you look into with a fine-tooth comb, could make you a millionaire without spending thousands.

The “Crypto Revolution” is a growing trend and it is definitely showing signs of mass adoption. However as of March 17 2018, there is a massive drop in the market value of a majority of cryptocurrencies. Almost every single crypto currency has dropped dramatically as crypto holders start to sell off their holding in the fear of losing it all. It is an emotional roller coaster ride for those that invest their life savings, and it can be a turn off to those that are new to crypto currency investments. But keep in mind that this is just another normal day for crypto currency millionaires.


In the past 4 years, I’ve noticed a new type of investor entering into the crypto space. The short-term investor. They look for the cheap deals that they can sell off for a profit in the shortest amount of time possible. This has effected the true value of many new crypto currencies on the market today. 

The problem isn’t so much around the period of time that these investors hold, it is more around the “Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD) that surrounds some great projects out there. If you decide to invest in an organisation that is going to change the world, then it takes time and effort to build a “real world use” and therefore the value may not be worth a fortune now, but be sure that it has the potential to build and hold its value in the long run. 

The FUD happens behind the scenes, where short term investors are interested in short term gains and can create a negative tone in the crypto space. A classic example is Ripple XRP. There are hundreds of thousands of short-term investors in XRP that are planning their exit strategy. How do I know?… Take a look at the thousands of social posts. It is also evident that many posts lean towards pressuring Ripple to make better use of XRP rather than focusing on their other products. This of course is regardless of Ripples continuous efforts to share their strategy on XRP. In my opinion, Ripple is the only crypto currency with a working business model that has evidence of MASSIVE growth, however is copping a lot of negative energy from the crypto world.  

The other ongoing issue is that there are hundreds of new crypto currencies starting to flood the market. Again, in my opinion 95% of them are scams and their ICO offerings are created to make millions and run. 

Google, YouTube and Facebook have made the right decision in banning paid adverts for ICOs mid 2018. And it’s great to see some legislation around ICOs coming in from many nations around the world. Many Crypto investors are pulling their hair out at this decision but it’s important that they understand that the “Hype” created by paid adverts attract new investors that believe that paid advertising is an indication that the ICO offer must be genuine and valuable. In most cases they are not. Millions of dollars are invested into ICOs that don’t have a good run on the crypto exchanges.


Investing in Crypto currencies is much riskier that the stock exchange. You don’t own a piece of the company when you purchase their crypto currency/contract. You are essentially donating money to help businesses accelerate and execute on their idea/ business model. So, it’s important to know what you’re investing in without following the “hype” from advertising or from paid advisors, YouTube advisors or general paid YouTube product reviews. It is critical that you do your own extensive research and only invest what you can afford to lose.


New Investors often need help getting a better understanding on a crypto currency offer. If you’re new to Crypto, you should follow honest reviewers that take the time to thoroughly review all aspects of crypto currencies. As of the 17/3/18, through my own research, I believe that honest reviews of new ICOs (Initial Coin Offering) are few and far between. I thought there were more however I weeded them out as I slowly realised that personal paid incentives (Through money or coin offerings) became a priority to them. A real shame as some of the greatest advisors that started on YouTube are now paid to advise on new crypto panels. As much as they indicate that they aren’t Financial Advisors, they are highly influential. This is more the case for new investors looking for some great direct or indirect advice. This may be seen as a conflict of interest. 

Have a look at these YouTube reviewers. They explain the good, the bad and the ugly of new ICOs:

  • MMcrypto
  • The Cryptoniac 
  • Mike Michaels
  • Ian Balina – Although lately he has put too much emotions into his thought process and he is copping a lot of slack for some of his super short term crypto investments and he is a paid advisor for selected ICOs. He does however make valid points on some of his reviews. I would take a more cautionary approach to his reviews. 


Apart from researching the above valuable resources, it is more important now than ever to ensure that you do your own extensive research on upcoming opportunity to invest in Crypto currencies. Don’t be sucked into a fancy website and big names pushing their agenda. 

Remember that some ICOs that have had celebrity advisors and managed to raise millions of dollars however have now failed. Here are a few things to look at when you make a decision around investing in crypto currency ICOs:

  • Are they solving a “real world” problem?
  • Do you believe in the project?
  • Does the team have expertise in that industry/area? Execution is critical
  • Does their whitepaper and business plan make sense? 
  • Is the CEO/MD/Founder active in their telegram?
  • Are they actively responding to emails or posts?
  • Are they copying another crypto idea with a different marketing strategy?
  • There are a few ICOs out there trying to penetrate the market without the bells and whistles. Don’t get deterred by their slower uptake than those ICOs with hype surrounding it 
  • Are they already making some sort of progress with their platform, business development, app etc?

I have noticed that there are a few ICOs out there with a goal to change the world. They are focusing on a major “REAL WORLD” issue. I truly believe that if the leadership teams have the capability to execute the right marketing strategy to get the right type of investors, their business plan could change Latin America and the world. The x2 ICOs I would recommend you look into with a fine-tooth comb are;

DOCADEMIC – They currently have an app available to Latin America. The app is designed to connect anyone to a Doctor (General Practitioner) for free. This is critical in areas that may not have a doctor within that geographical area. It is also a significant cost saving for many families. Monetising their app comes through the data that is collected through each call. This data is purchased by Pharmaceutical organisations and governments that can use the data to better plan for outbreaks, focus area and infrastructure planning. The fact that they already have a working product is a plus in my book.

Have a look at their whitepaper in order to make your own informed decision. 

UTEMIS – With unable to penetrate the Latin American market, UTEMIS is attempting to create a B2B business model similar to using blockchain technology. Their tokens will be used for liquidity between many of the different currencies across LATAM and to keep customer feedback transparent forever. Of course, this is also supported by funds locked away in Escrow, then released once an order has been received. This will eliminate a high level of corruption and allow local businesses to trade with a high level of trust. However, I am watching this one closely over the next 6 months.

Review their whitepaper to get a clear idea on their business plan.

If these two companies are successful with their ICOs and execute their business plans, they will able to build a high level of future value. With the opportunity to become multi-billion dollar organisations, both the DOCADEMIC and UTEMIS ICOs are offering value for money as you can get around 29,000 tokens for x1 ETH for DOCADEMIC and 1,500,000 (Million) tokens for x1 ETH at UTEMIS. 

If either the DOCADEMIC or UTEMIS token were to reach between $1-$4 in value on the crypto exchanges, there is no doubt that there would be many instant millionaires around the world. Even if the tokens reached 50c, it will still allow investors to make a great profit. (Profit examples only)

  • x1 ETH worth of DOCADEMIC @ 50c = $14,500 USD
  • x1 ETH worth of UTEMIS @ 50c = $750,000 USD
  • x1 ETH worth of DOCADEMIC @ $1.50 = $43,500 USD
  • x1 ETH worth of UTEMIS @ $1.50 = $2,250,000 USD

The above highlights to you that there are many ICOs not overcharging to participate and they are aiming to resolve real world issues. This being said, you should always do your own research and figure out which crypto currencies are right for you and what you believe in. Try to stay away from the hype unless you want to investigate that business further. Remember that you can find great ICOs that are not ridiculously priced at under 50c per token and invest a little amount across different ICO projects. This is an easier way to start off in the crypto investment space and diversify if you don’t have much to play with. 

Always refer to as many sources as possible to gain insight into an ICO and don’t invest because there is a celebrity or famous advisor attached to that project. Remember that executing on a business plan doesn’t always go to plan and setting up a successful business won’t take 3 months. My suggestion is that you invest long term, not short term in a crypto currency as it can be stressful following this volatile market for short term gains. I would recommend checking out Bitcoins journey over the past few years, you will get a good idea on the volatility and of course the opportunity that was missed by millions because of their short-term strategy.

Good luck out there and thank you for reading another article of mine.

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