Dragon Awaken Quarter One New Update proofread

Dragon Awaken Quarter One New Update proofread

Dragon Awaken keeps launching amazing updates so the adventure never stops. In the first quarter of 2018, Dragon Awaken has announced a lot of new features that will give player new options to customize their characters’ power.


Meet the requirements to complete the Goals and obtain Points for your hard work. Players can unlock Monoliths using their points. They will need to have enough points to complete all the pieces of the Monolith and then activate it. Also, they will unlock different privileges and receive special offers for rare items. Creating new Monoliths will unlock even more difficult ones. Player will need to use their creativity to build the Monoliths and complete them to obtain new Stat boosts and privileges.

Mount Forge

Players can now enhance their mounts with the new feature Mount Forge. Upgrade the Saddle, Armor, Halter and Whip with Red, Blue or Green Soul Spinels, which will help increase ATK, DEF and HP. The sets are suitable for any Mount, any Mount summoned will receive the new boost. It’s an easy and quick way to increase the player’s Battle Rating.

Mysterious Treasure

Players can explore the Wild Lands to discover treasures and other mysterioes. Players will need a treasure map to know where to dig for treasures. There are four different maps: Normal, Rare, Epic and Legendary. The Normal and Rare maps could be bought from the shop. The Epic map may appear in the Mysterious Shop. The Legendary map can only be synthesized using 5 Epic maps. Rarer maps will ensure players to get better treasures. Treasures include Gold, random Soul Spinels, Mount Equipment Essence and Mount Equipment Update Stone of different levels.

This March, Dragon Awaken (English Edition) is going to celebrate its first anniversary! And there are more exciting features coming soon! One of them is related to strengthen Heroes. The game has nearly one hundred Heroes with their own strengths and classes, from Tanks and DPS to Healers. They are also exceptionally good at working with friends and partners to clear the most difficult dungeons and challenges. The other new feature is related to a much requested suggestion. Very soon you will be able to make friends with six little creatures that will play an important role in the adventure.

Look forward to the next update and pay attention to any news from Dragon Awaken Official websites, Facebook or their cooperated media. Lots of new events with rewards for all are coming very soon!

Dragon Awaken Official Website: www.dragonawaken.com

Dragon Awaken Official Facebook Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/Dragon-Awaken-Community-400342230298496/

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