Local Recruitment Firm Lends Expertise to Nashville Community in IT, Healthcare, Mining & Engineering

At Top People USA, we pride ourselves on our consultants’ in-depth knowledge of the marketplace. Our owner,  Brandon Sentell and his staff have specialized experience in IT software languages, WAN/LAN Engineering, help desk support, project management, network development, solution selling, pre-sales and distribution. We pride ourselves on maintaining strong industry network ties because we strive to recruit both locally and nationally. At Top People USA, our Healthcare, Mining & Engineering recruiters surpass other area recruiters because of our technical understanding, and our contacts allow us to search for hard-to-find technical expertise both domestically (USA) and internationally.

When we work with clients, communication is the key! We cannot emphasize this enough. The more time we spend with you in the beginning, the better our results will be in the present and future.

We need to understand why you reject proposed candidates. We must hear your feedback, good or bad, so we can learn and improve our selection and interview process.

Keep us updated and move as quickly as possible with your hiring decisions. Remember, good candidates are hard to find and are likely considering multiple opportunities. Delaying may cause them to lose interest and confidence in the business. If candidates do not perceive you are advancing the process, the candidate will move to other opportunities. When a client does not take action within a reasonable time frame, they almost always lose good candidates. Find out more about Top People USA to learn about client expectations.

Brandon Sentell built his IT recruiting business from the ground up in the USA and Australia. Find out more about Brandon Sentell from his LinkedIn profile.  

He recruited for large, medium and small businesses throughout Australia, New Zealand and Australia. The type of positions Sentell recruits for are anything within IT, Engineering, Mining and Healthcare. His personnel recruitment includes permanent and temporary recruitment for candidates. A fundamental pillar to the foundation of Sentell’s company is a commitment to providing one-on-one personal service to all my client and candidates. Sentell believes in sending potential candidates not stacks of resumes.

Media Contact
Company Name: Top People USA
Contact Person: Brandon Sentell
Email: info@toppeopleusa.com
Phone: (615) 788-1855
Country: United States
Website: https://toppeopleusa.com/