Get More Drug Rehab Leads with Circle Social Inc

Circle Social helps behavioral health and addiction treatment centers get more rehab leads using highly targeted digital marketing techniques that build not only their reputation, but also their census. The company has developed HIPAA compliant marketing systems that are suitable for rehab marketing and addiction treatment lead generation.

Putting up ads that tell stories about how addiction can affect a person’s life is not enough. It is important to cleverly implement campaigns that not only build trust and credibility, but also motivate people to take action immediately. Circle Social understands the importance of having a steady flow of customers. It is the same for every business, even for the field of addiction treatment. While there are various ways of attracting customers, there is no assurance that the current strategy of the treatment center will really help them attract new leads. Addiction treatment centers should be able to track results in order to succeed. Lead generation should be sustainable as well. That’s where Circle Social comes in. The company creates data-driven strategies that tell centers what people are looking for, how they often they are clicking and how they find and contact the center.

Circle Social’s online tracking capabilities are exceptional. The team knows that addiction treatment marketing is becoming more and more competitive. Lead generation is a venture that needs an investment and the amount required depends on how many and how fast the center wants leads. The center’s ability to respond to inquiries also plays a role here. Circle Social will not only help treatment centers get more leads, but also prepare a marketing budget that suits their needs. The company’s proven rehab marketing ideas and addiction treatment lead generation strategies don’t deliver empty inquiries or calls. The Circle Social team creates high value content, email drip campaigns and newsletters that move people from inquiries to actual patients. They use a wide range of specialty tools to test all phases of the campaign, from creating ads to ensuring landing page engagement and click-troughs. The team can identify the ads that encourage calls, the emails that people open and the areas of the site that compel visitors to leave.

Circle Social has launched and managed hundreds of campaigns, so they know what works for their client without having to spend a large amount of resources for testing. Treatment marketing centers can’t afford to miss out on opportunities and work with someone who doesn’t have any idea about mental health and addiction treatment. The Circle Social team understands the importance of exceptional phone skills, clear tracking and strong lead follow-up for any addiction treatment center. The team can run Facebook campaigns that build reputation and generate call inquires for a future-proof business.

Whether it is a small addiction treatment center looking to establish a strong local presence or a large center aiming to launch a direct-response campaign to get more phone calls and inquiries, Circle Social can provide the training and system required to take a center to the next level.

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