What Does the Lectern Say About a Presenter?

Lecterns come in various shapes and sizes, from small, moveable, tabletop models to large, stately edifices that are fixed in place. They can house our notes, keyboards, media devices, laser points and more, just so that they are readily accessible. But is that their only purpose? When a lecturer stands behind movable lectern, or presentation podiums, at the head of a seminar table from which he directed an exchange, there is meaning behind where the person stands.  When it is going well, the lecturer may venture out and stand alongside the podium. When asked challenging questions that suggest other possible interpretation, the lecturer may stand behind the lectern as a position of defense or security.  Either way, the podium or lectern can be a significant tool when it provides all necessary functionality needed by the presenter.

Lecterns are neither all good nor all evil.  When a presenter has practiced his/her material and understand the content completely, how they use a lectern simply becomes a stylistic decision.  In cases where the presenter needs to be recognized from an authoritative position, they may spend most of their address behind the lectern. However, if the presenter wishes to motivate and inspire, there should be times at which the presenter would move away from the lectern and toward the audience.  How one utilizes a lectern speaks to the voice of the speaker.

In very formal settings, the presenter will want to start, deliver, and end a speech without leaving the lectern.  That means that they need to keep their feet planted firmly, square, and determine where they will place their hands on the lectern when not gesturing.  Of course, they should shift their weight occasionally for comfort. Also, a presenter should remember not to lean toward the lectern, sway, or rock.

If the occasion is informal, and especially if the presenter has a wireless microphone, and there are no video constraints, then a speaker is free to move about the platform where the lectern is located.  Though a speak may choose to start and end their speech from behind the lectern, they should move with purpose and with pseudo-theatrical staging in mind. That means they can release some nervous energy.

If the speaker has the option of selecting a lectern, it is best to pick one that fits the speaker.  Spectrum Industries, Inc. is a provider of innovative, quality instructional products, such as lecterns that can easily hold a rack mounted tablet locker, and other services that provide preferred solutions to even the most experience speakers. The looks and versatility of Spectrum’s products speak well of a presenter for any occasion.

Remember, a presenter’s lectern and how they use a lectern speaks volumes about the subject matter, the tone of the message and the confidence of the speaker.  Make sure when you present, you present your best.

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