Green Kitchen Divided Kids Plates – Sectioned Bamboo Dishes from E4u – 4 Piece Set of Eco-Friendly Wooden Snack Plates – Unbreakable Dishes for Kids and Spill Proof Fun Toddler Plates

March 17, 2018 – Green Kitchen proudly announces the most eco-friendly wooden snack plates to ensure healthy living among its customers. Fun plates for kids and toddlers that will not only make mealtimes enjoyable, but actually help your kids eat new foods! Get all sorts of kid’s dinnerware and unique toddler utensil ideas. These plates are designed with deep walls that make them a wonderful choice for little ones who are learning to feed themselves. The ample sections on the plates provide plenty of room for different mealtime combinations and also work well for feeding children snacks.

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Children will enjoy learning how to build a healthy body by eating healthy foods in proper portion sizes. “Climbing” through the meal to reach the top and retrieve the final section where the small “treat” is waiting for a reward. The plate helps parents serve food from all food groups in proper proportion. There are sections for: Grain, Vegetable, Fruit, Dairy, Meat and Treat (Desert). Meal time can be used for fun teachable moments using this plate. Green Kitchen Kid’s Plate serves as a reminder to use balance and consider all food groups at meal time for the “good eater” and continues to teach good lifelong healthy habits at an early age.

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“Have you ever put food down in front of your kid and they refuse to eat it?  I don’t know a parent that hasn’t experienced this at some time or another, and for some parents it’s a reality they face daily. I can think of LOTS of times this has happened to me, and there’s one trick I use in a pinch to help save the meal.  But, before I get to that I want you to put yourself in your child’s shoes, or seat, I should say.  Imagine, you come to the table and are sitting there anxiously awaiting your plate of food. You have no idea what is going to be served. It isn’t long before the plate appears in front of you, only for you to look down and see something foreign, smelly, and what you can only assume will feel weird when you touch it,” said the spoken person for Green Kitchen, while talking about the wooden snack plates.

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