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“Nourish your brain.”
BrainGear is a 4.5 oz. fast-acting brain performance drink backed by top neurologists, that nourishes your brain with what it needs to function at its best. BrainGear’s 13 brain-powering nutrients provide focus, clarity and concentration shortly after consumption, while supporting cognitive function and brain health over time.

Feel Your Best Brain.

BrainGear is the first patented, ready-to-drink brain performance formula backed by top neurologists from Stanford and UT Austin that provides peak brain performance today while supporting brain maintenance every day. 

• Fast-acting, ready-to-drink formula
• 1,845 mg of 13 brain-powering nutrients
• Full transparency of ingredients
• All GRAS and natural ingredients
• Great tasting and fast-acting
• Only 3 grams of sugar = 1⁄6 of an apple
• Natural caffeine content = 1⁄2 cup of green tea 
• Originated at Stanford University
• Shelf-stable 4.5oz bottle

Recent studies show 7 out of 10 adults experience stress or anxiety daily, and 6 out of 10 adults are very concerned with their overall brain health and preventing cognitive decline. BrainGear’s unique formula was developed to address these increasingly common concerns as a healthier brain means a better life. 

BrainGear’s ready-to-drink formula is convenient and fast-acting. Available in a refreshing pineapple-mango flavor, it is packed with 1,845mg of nutrients in a combination that WORKS. BrainGear is not an energy drink and contains less caffeine than half a cup of green tea. The fast-acting formula includes 13 vitamins and natural supplements that work together to provide focus, clarity and concentration shortly after consumption, while supporting cognitive function and brain health over time. 

BrainGear is non-GMO, soy free, gluten free and only has 3g of sugar and 10 calories per serving/bottle. 

About BrainGear

Founded in 2015, BrainGear’s mission is to help people everywhere improve their quality of life through better brain function and health. BrainGear’s 4.5 oz, fast-acting formula includes a combination of 13 vitamins and supplements that work together to nourish your brain while supporting peak brain performance today and brain maintenance every day. All of BrainGear’s ingredients have been clinically-proven and doctor recommended for years to optimize brain function and provide cognitive support. BrainGear contains no artificial ingredients. Committed to full transparency, BrainGear lists each of its ingredients and their exact quantities on its label. BrainGear is currently available in the United States and is based in San Francisco, California.

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