The Next Step in the Crypto Revolution


The crypto sphere will be hit by a revolutionary movement on the 1st of April, 2018 as the Kerberos Coin ICO will be making its launch.

The ICO is the beginning of the life cycle of the Kerberos Coin. Kerberos ICO is an opportunity to purchase a profit share on an industrial scale, Altcoin crypto-mining company. KRC value is backed by physical hardware. An additional advantage is that as the Kerberos Company grows and expands its operation, the value of the coin will continue to improve because of our reinvestment and expansion strategies.

Getting a chance to benefit from the ICO starts with purchasing the KRC Tokens at the cost of US$0.12. At the initial offering in April, there will be only 10 million Kerberos Coins available. The advantage of this is to reward the early bird and keep the coin manageable and profitable for all their investors.

Once you get a token, you become an investor. Each investor in our company and ICO will be entitled to their pro-rata share of 70% of the company’s profits every quarter for as long as the token is held. The other 30% is then reinvested to compound into additional mining equipment, business strategy, and development of Kerberos to ensure the boom of the coin.

One assurance that Kerberos gives is that it will not use any ASIC mining equipment because of market volatility and the increase in certain coins mining difficulty. We are sticking with GPU mining as it is more stable and gives more options to be profitable.

The reason we are backing altcoins like Ethereum, Monero, Musicoin, and Ether Classic is because of there potential for growth. In the Last Year Bitcoin only grew with 1200% where Ethereum boomed with a whopping 3000%.

Bitcoins market cap use to sit at 60% and it’s down to around 40%, the reason for this is the crypto users started to realize altcoins have a better world application and a greater chance for growth, making it a better investment for short and long-term gains.

Media Contact
Company Name: Kerberos Coin
Contact Person: Stefanus Botha
Phone: 0720474465
Address:111 Tosca Avenue Linmeyer
City: Johannesburg
State: Gauteng
Country: South Africa