Top Marketing Expert Simone Mitjans Shows Health and Wellness Experts the Profit Power of the ‘It’ Factor

We are built for profit, but everyone has their own unique way to go about it. The leading marketing expert of New Jersey, Simone Mitjans, wants to send out this strong message and is on a mission to help healthcare and medical professionals discover their ‘It’ factor and flourish.

Mitjans and her mentoring firm, Simone Mitjans Coaching LLC, have devised The Profit Power-UP Marketing System by bringing together ground experiences and insights from top marketing gurus. The marketing system is designed for healthcare professionals who want to know how to create a strong foundation, connect to opportunities and amplify growth to achieve the hallowed six-figure income.

Every business has an ‘It’ factor that underlies its success. Simone Mitjans realized this early on in her health and wellbeing business, and put all of her success ingredients together to create her coaching and mentoring service. She relies especially on her knack for working successfully with premium clients, and her background and expertise in direct response marketing, NLP, Time Line Therapy, Hypnosis, Neuro Pathway Restructuring and Level 4 Human Design.

We are NOT all designed to market our services the same way. Every single one of us is designed to communicate, interact and succeed in a unique way, especially in marketing and building a successful business. That’s why I created the Profit Power-UP Marketing System,” says Simone Mitjans.

For the curious, Profit Power-UP works with nine stages of growth, and is a step by step process that shows how you are uniquely designed for making profit, make marketing your main focus, discover the ‘it’ factor of your business, convert potential clients into profits with the proven connection-to-conversion process,  and leveraging expertise to create multiple revenue channels.

Mitjans’ clients today report more leads, conversions and retention of 98 percent of premium clients. The results aren’t surprising, as the marketing system reveals what to do, provides ways of receiving support and creates accountability. Mitjans’ success has also made her appear on television, including her own radio show broadcast after Doctor John Gray, the author of ‘Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus’.

Simone Mitjans Coaching offers powerful and personalized alternatives to the wasteful ‘one size fits all’ marketing strategies. These include Mentorship programs (VIP, Elite and Basic), a one-day, one-on-one intensive private coaching to unleash profit power, and professional consultancy services for dentists, nutritionists, therapists, chiropractors and interior designers. The strategies are tailored and offered as the must-have skills for service providers who wish to achieve greater success.

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