Cosmetic Dentist Sayreville Parlin NJ: Dental Implant Interview

“Dr. Blagoev with a patient at Bright Smiles Dental.”
Dr. Mariana Blagoev had a recent interview discussing dental implants and cosmetic dentistry. She was asked questions by the interviewer about the subject, and educated the readers about this issue. Bright Smiles Dental office is also featuring special offers, like free exams and consultation packages to new patients.

At the recent interview with Doctor Relations, Dr. Mariana Blagoev, cosmetic dentist and owner of Bright Smiles Dental at Parlin, Sayreville, NJ, discussed that missing teeth aren’t only a cosmetic and bite complication. Medical issues, including bone loss, jaw aches, reoccuring headaches and shoulder problems are often times a result from missing teeth.

The effects can be found here:

The American Dental Association revealed that a typical man or woman aged Twenty through Sixty-four has at least 3 decayed or missing teeth. This trouble can affect biting and impacts all of the other teeth in a undesirable way. Less than ideal oral health usually tends to cause even more deterioration of systemic well-being.

Dr. Blagoev points out, “People impacted by inadequate dental health or missing teeth possess more critical complications to get worried about. Jaw pain, severe headaches, bone diminishment in the mouth, in addition to a fragile immune system, could possibly develop. Dental ailments often play a role in cardiovascular, respiratory and liver health conditions, not to mention pre-mature or still-born infants in the course of a pregnancy.”

Concerned with greater problems that increase over time for individuals that skip consistent dentistry check-ups, Dr. Blagoev’s dental office presents a completely free dental consultation, examination and X-rays.

Dr. Blagoev’s dental office has several methods of missing teeth, consisting of implants, dentures, and bridges. They provide patients with specialized services, for instance Digital X-rays and sleep dentistry, and that is useful to patients that have dental panic through getting them to relax throughout the entire process.

“When enabling patients retain a healthy mouth, aiming to keep the teeth without unnecessary dental work is a top priority,” says Dr. Blagoev. “Those who suffer from the consequences regarding missing teeth will get a number of options at my dental office for just about any price range, especially with the continuing development of dental technology!”

Charlotte M. recommends Dr. Blagoev to others, saying “Dr. Blagoev and her staff are excellent! From the moment I made the appointment to when I left, they were polite and really informative. Dr. Blagoev took the time to explain my X-rays and everything she was doing while examining my teeth. I learned more in 30 minutes about my own teeth than I have in my life! Highly recommended – I will be back!”

Outside of helping the patients at Bright Smiles Dental, Dr. Blagoev has been operating programs to assist the area community, such as toy drives, free dentistry, and food drive campaigns, teaming up with local charities and food banks. She was featured on National News channels such as NBC, ABC, FOX and CBS on account of her community benefit initiatives.

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