BitEye ICO is the world’s revolutionary Cryptocurrency for the Energetic Industry

New platform based in Blockchain to Support Renewable Energy Projects by approaching cutting edge technologies into the green industry

March 19, 2018 – A new ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is being promoted within the renewable energy industry. Bit Eye is a Blockchain platform designed to innovate the renewable energy industry by bringing new technologies to optimize processes and performances.

The global renewable energy sector has come a long way in the past couple of decades, generating more energy than ever with technological innovations. However, this advancement is limited to a handful of countries, with a major part of the world still operating on age-old systems. Bit Eye will connect technologies suppliers such us Artificial Intelligence, IOT, Robotic with Renewable Energies Companies to improve energy grid in emerging countries.

The ICO was formed in December 2017 and is expected to have its public exchange listing ready by the end of March. Bit Eye objective is to raise funds and invest in cutting edge technologies to improve infrastructure in the energy grid and storage. The cryptocurrency was launched in February.

  1. The BTI currency has been promoted $5.16 at the start and it has already increased its price to 7 in few weeks. Bitcoin, ETH and Ripple currencies can be used in acquiring Bit Eye. The BTI coin is fully tradable and is fully decentralized.

Bit Eye is using the blockchain technology to improve transparency throughout the crowd sale and after the initial coin distribution. Smart contracts are used to support the development of the currency.

The most attractive part of BTI is the high investment return; up to 40 percent per month. Investors can take advantage of bonus returns while they are supporting the green energy industry. BTI will focus on both aspects of renewable energy development: – 70% Funds: Develop infrastructure for renewable energy projects – 30% Technology Development: Use innovation to improve production efficiency of green energy installations.

Bit Eye will successfully create more infrastructure for the renewable energy industry, while ensuring that ongoing innovation will improve production efficiency.

For detailed information about Bit Eye you may go to the Web Site and download the Whitepaper.

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