Cosmetic Dentist San Diego, Encinitas, CA: New Interview on Dental Implants

“Dr. Marvin, holistic dentist from The Center for Natural Dentistry.”
Dr. Marvin was recently interviewed about cosmetic dentistry and missing teeth solutions. Being a holistic dentist, he has his own special way of helping people with oral care that includes looking out for their whole body health as well. He wants to educate people about the link between dental care and systemic health.

During a newly released interview with Doctor Relations, cosmetic dentist Dr. Marvin Pantangco, owner of the Center for Natural Dentistry in Encinitas, San Diego, CA, discussed that missing teeth aren’t solely a cosmetic and bite complication. Medical concerns, that include bone loss, jaw aches, serious migraines not to mention shoulder joint pain, are often a result of missing teeth.

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The American Dental Association disclosed that a common man or woman aged 20 through 64 has around 3 decayed or missing teeth. This trouble impacts biting and impacts the other teeth in a harmful way. Less than ideal dental health frequently tends to create further harm to systemic well-being.

Dr. Marvin says, “Men and women troubled with inadequate dental health or missing teeth possess more substantial concerns to worry about. Jaw pain, severe headaches, bone loss inside the mouth, along with a vulnerable immune system could possibly manifest. Oral ailments often promote heart, respiratory and liver health issues, not to mention pre-mature or still-born infants during a pregnancy.”

Concerned with worse conditions that increase over time for people who avoid habitual dentistry examinations, Dr. Marvin’s office presents a free dental consultation, check-up and X-rays.

Dr. Marvin’s office has many methods of missing teeth, which include implants, dentures, and bridges. They provide patients with professional treatments that they need to be comfortable and get effective results. Dr. Marvin is specially concerned about the link between systemic health and wellness together with oral health, and he takes that into consideration when treating his patients.

“While enabling patients sustain a healthy mouth, seeking to keep the teeth without unnecessary dental work is a priority,” announced Dr. Marvin. “Those who suffer from the negative effects of missing teeth can get many different solutions at my dental office for just about any expense plan, especially using the progress of dental technology!”


Outside of supporting the patients at the Center for Natural Dentistry, Dr. Marvin has been operating programs to benefit the area community, which include local events, free dentistry, and food drive campaigns teaming up with local charitable organizations and food banks. He was featured on Nationwide News networks such as NBC, ABC, FOX and CBS on account of her community welfare initiatives

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