Cosmetic Dentist Wailuku Maui, HI: New Interview on Dental Implants

“Cosmetic dentist, Dr. Michael Miyamoto from Wailuku, Hawaii.”
Dr. Miyamoto had an interview about missing teeth and dental implant solutions. He wants to educate his local community about the effects that missing teeth have on oral as well as systemic health. The benefits of dental implants are discussed to help gain a better understanding of the subject.

At the newly released interview with Doctor Relations, Dr. Michael Miyamoto, owner of Miyamoto Dental Design Suite in Wailuku, Maui, HI, mentioned that missing teeth are never only a cosmetic and bite issue. Health problems, such as bone loss, jaw pains, chronic migraines as well as shoulder joint pain, can sometimes be the result of missing teeth.

The negative effects can be found here:

The American Dental Association confirmed that a normal person aged Twenty through Sixty four has at least three or more decayed or missing teeth. This trouble has an effect on eating and impacts the rest of the teeth in a bad way. Insufficient dental health frequently translates into additional deterioration of systemic well-being.

Dr. Miyamoto explains, “People struggling with very poor dental health and missing teeth have a lot more major problems to be troubled about. Jaw pain, headaches, bone diminishment inside the mouth area, in addition to a damaged immune system can manifest. Tooth ailments frequently contribute to heart, lung and liver health issues, not to mention pre-mature or still-born babies in the course of a pregnancy.”

Concerned with bigger problems that increase over time for those who avoid regular dentistry check-ups, Dr. Miyamoto’s office provides a completely free dental consultation, examination and X-rays.

Dr. Miyamoto’s office has many options for missing teeth, including implants, dentures, and bridges. They provide patients with specialist programs that they need to be comfortable and get effective results.

“When helping patients preserve a healthy mouth, trying to sustain the teeth without the need of avoidable dental work is a key concern,” announced Dr. Miyamoto. “Those who suffer from the issues concerning missing teeth can find many different choices at my office for just about any budget, especially with the progress of dental technological innovation!”

Andy L. appreciates Dr. Miyamoto’s approach to dentistry through education and informing his patients. He says: “This is a family-owned business that treats its patients like family. Dr. Miyamoto always takes time to explain his recommended procedures in detail, both before and also during the actual visits. He and his entire staff all do a wonderful job in helping their patients feel very welcomed and comfortable. They also educate you on dental health and hygiene.”

Outside of assisting the patients at Miyamoto Dental Design Suite, Dr. Miyamoto has been operating programs to benefit the local community, that include local events, free dentistry, and food drive campaigns joining with local charitable organizations and food banks. He became featured on National News networks such as NBC, ABC, FOX and CBS as a result of her community welfare campaigns

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