Newly Launched Blockchain News Network to Cover All Hot and Exciting Action from the Cryptocurrency World

March 19th, 2018 – Mass adoption of crypto-currencies and blockchain is still a vision. A successful transition to everyday use of Bitcoin and other alt coins will rely heavily on informing and educating the common man and woman about its potential and benefits. The recent launch of Blockchain News Network on Instagram (@blockchainnewsnetwork) is a step in this direction.

In the forward march of cryptocurrencies, every day is a day of new milestones. Mainstream media however cannot do full justice to the rapidly evolving and new and exciting developments in this field. Blockchain News Network aims to do just that, publishing daily, pertinent and up to date news and information from the hot ecosystem of crypto-world. This is news that users can use for their benefit and decision making.

We have launched Blockchain News Network out of pure love and excitement about blockchain technology and the value that cryptocurrency brings to the world. Our aim is to educate and update the public as the world makes the transition to full utilization of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies,” said a spokesperson for Blockchain News Network.

Blockchain News Network will cover crypto news along with detailed and exclusive interviews with the top leaders and motivators from the cryptocurrency world. It will bring the latest and upcoming blockchain summits, conferences and other events for investors, entrepreneurs, visionaries and cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

The Instagram news channel, which features a full magazine spread of the rise of cryptocurrencies beginning the first massive boom in Bitcoin, ultimately aims to play the role of encouraging widespread adoption of Bitcoins, alt coins and the blockchain and smart contract platforms. The channel will be of particular interest to the younger generation, who don’t want to miss out on the daily action that’s happening in the lively world of cryptocurrencies.

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