Author’s new book “Sacred Hearts Rising” receives a warm literary welcome

Readers’ Favorite announces the review of the Non-Fiction – Anthology  book “Sacred Hearts Rising” by Brenda Hammon, currently available at

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Reviewed By Marie-Hélène Fasquel for Readers’ Favorite

Sacred Hearts Rising: Breaking the Silence One Story at a Time by Brenda Hammon is a non-fiction anthology of short stories by various authors. These inspirational true-life stories are all about “breaking the silence” and are actually the first ones in a series. This book, as one is reminded in the introduction, “is not intended to dispense psychological or therapeutic advice, the information is provided for educational and inspirational purpose only.” It is composed of authentic life-stories which are all powerful, heartrending and are easy to immerse yourself in.

Sacred Hearts Rising: Breaking the Silence One Story at a Time by Brenda Hammon is a collection of short stories which moved me at so many levels, sometimes to tears. It broaches so many major topics such as alienation, power, and believing in yourself and in your dreams, expectations, self-esteem, manipulation, anxiety, depression. I particularly loved “I’m not crazy” and cannot but share these short quotes: “I am trapped. Helpless. A prisoner of my mind”; “the anxiety, depression, panic attacks crippled me”; “living in a shroud of darkness.” The manipulation of which the main character is the victim is tremendous but also progressive, and this type of story is bound to help a reader face what they had avoided seeing and help them realize what they are going through. I would like to add that this is what I liked the most about this collection: the stories will definitely help numerous women realize that life can be different, that they too should break the silence and get a grasp on their own lives. Thank you so much for these moving stories!”

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