QuickOne Coin, the QR-code Based Crypto Currency Has Completed Its ICO Stage and Is Now Developing Further

QR codes have an innumerable number of advantages that have not truly been utilized just yet. Their usefulness and potential is quite multifarious, offering a level of security and convenience that would be impossible to attain otherwise. However, many versions of QR code lack synchronization.

This is why QuickOne generated the QO code, which was meant to increase the influence of the QR code through the development of QO code, allowing for easier storing of data and information for a wide variety of reasons. One can save information for individuals, businesses, organization on blockchain. This adds a level of security to the entire process.

Through the QuickOne Coin, one can ensure maximum safety. The combination of QR code and blockchain ERC20 technology ensures that QO has a number of benefits and advantages over its competitors. With the smart software, QuickOne hopes to create a community of users, companies and organizations who will be utilizing their features.

Every step possible is taken to ensure that users are provided with optimal security throughout each step. Multiple measures are taken to enhance the layer of security, ensuring that networks and servers are properly protected, including the software and websites they use.

The protection of information on the platform ensures that one’s trading is protected and doesn’t have to undergo any form of exploitation. Stage 1 of the QuickOne Internal Trade Platform went well. Any of the smaller issues that occurred on the servers were resolved quickly and effectively.

QuickOne is now announcing the QO App development team has completed the first QO security session. This was done by two individuals and business customers. With all things in place and ready to go, the very first version of the QO code will be introduced shortly and be readily available.

They have completed its QO and Qapp application suite before its launch and is expected to be available six months earlier than its predecessor. Qapp completes the route to create QO code that allows access to information, sources and data used for individual and corporate customers.

In this first rendition, users will be able to link and generate QO codes in the form of predefined information but in the next version, they will be allowed to automate the creation of the QO -Blockchain code. The app is expected to be available on Android devices, and accelerated work is going on with Apple to ensure that it is available on iOS soon too.

Route out the App and test the QO Code as follows: on April 2018 complete App on Android also completed on IOS. We are actively working with Apple to accelerate this process.

About Quick One:

Quick One is an up and coming crypto-currency that recently completed its ICO stage. Quick One Coin is made using the QR code. Realizing the great potential that is present in the QR codes, QuickOne wished to provide its users with optimum security and synchronization.

QO aims to be the authentication code of enterprises and organizations which prevents making fake goods or counterfeiting brands by applying unique information identification techniques. It makes quick and convenient data access, navigates to smart electronic payment and has created the payment platform Qpay.

For more information: https://quickone.co

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