1.25 Billion African People Worldwide – Enriched and Empowered.

Sankofa Black Gold, A New Cryptocurrency, Is Poised To Enrich & Empower 1.25 Billion African People Worldwide… By 2020.

Reparations for 40 Million African Americans Finally Possible

Menlo Park, Ca – After centuries of reckless disregard for the continent of Africa and its 1.25 Billion African People, Sankofa Black Gold has finally come up with a way to fix some of the damages and provide new economic empowerment to over 1.25 Billion African People Worldwide … of which … a tiny fraction … 40 million … live in the U. S. A.

When asked by reporters … how and why … a spokesperson for the company … Mr. James Mason, the developer, went on to explain:

“We’ve known for several years something needed to change in order for us to right the wrongs from America’s past and begin to move forward.

From around 1619 to 1865 (246 years) … slavery reared its ugly head and became the modern day ‘Gold Rush’ and Tech Boom combined for some.

Free Labor flourished and was great for the economy and made lots of folks very rich. However, millions of African people paid a significantly heavy price for more than 5 generations of newly seasoned slaves.

In an effort to help restore some of the damage done to millions of folks worldwide, we will require ‘all hands on deck’. It is certainly a monumental task.

But make no mistake about it folks … God willing … we can do this. And we are committed to leading the restoration effort, which we expect will take roughly 5 years and cost around $100 Billion Dollars.

Today, we have a wonderful opportunity to rebuild what has been destroyed culturally, emotionally, financially, morally, spiritually and otherwise with this blockchain technology

Operating on a ‘Level Playing Field’ … we can Help RestoreAfrica and African People … to its rightful beauty again.

On April 2nd 2018, Sankofa Black Gold will begin the long-anticipated Start-Up and Roll-Out of its new ERC-20 multi-functional token on the Ethereum Network called Sankofa Black Gold. (SBG)

A spokesperson said … “Sankofa Black Gold will be releasing roughly one billion coins at between 2 -10 cents apiece … during 5 levels of Pre-sales, over a 10 day period. (2 cents every other day for 10 days) After that, they open to the general public for trading right around 10-12 cents each coin.”

The company also alluded to an ‘A’ list celebrity Spokesperson, but said it could not give any more details until it was official … however, he has promised to keep the media informed.

Mr. Mason went on to say “We as a company are guided by a fundamental principle shared with us by the 44th President of the United States of America, Barack Obama who so eloquently said: “We … Are The Change That We Seek”

We are ever reminded of that principle … And we as a company shall never forget those words … they may be our ticket to the ‘promised land’.

Most of our details are laid out on our website … although its still under construction we invite you to look around … even drop us a comment on what you like … if you feel compelled” … said Mr. Mason during our recent interview.

For more information, Contact: James Mason, Developer, (james@Sakofa-Black-Gold.com)

Sankofa Black Gold (SBG)

James Mason, Developer/Spokesperson

Mobile: 650-521-1475 –  just10bucks@gmail.com
Website:  http://www.sankofa-black-gold.com

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Company Name: Sankofa Black Gold
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Phone: 650-521-1475
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