Carlos Aguirre teaches the art of achieving financial freedom in new book – “The Wealth Taboo”

Experienced real estate investment and financial service professional, Carlos Aguirre, demystifies financial independence and teaches financial freedom in his new book titled “The Wealth Taboo”

Carlos Aguirre is a financial service and real estate investment professional with over two decades of experience as a service provider. The real estate investment professional recently announced the release of his new book titled “The Wealth Taboo,” where he chronicled the practices of the world banking system, how the system has been using people, and how everyone can build wealth from practically nothing.

Over the years, wealth building and financial freedom have become abstract concepts that are almost never taught in schools. Consequently, students graduate from colleges only to enter the rat race that has little or nothing to offer in terms of becoming wealthy or being financially independent. Studies have shown that American teens have average financial skills, with very little personal financial literacy is faulty. The education system, at all levels, teaches how to become a working bee, without teaching the skills of making money. This is where authors and books like “The Wealth Taboo” are particularly helpful.

In his new book, Carlos Aguirre teaches how the system operates and plays everyone, allowing readers to discover the following:

  • The World Banking System
  • How the Money Banking System Uses You
  • Wealth Building T
  • The Formula to Amass Wealth
  • Debt Financing Breakdown
  • The Power of Diversification and Residual Income
  • Your Network Builds Your Net Worth
  • What is success and how to attain it
  • What do You Need to Become Successful
  • Change Your Thoughts, Habits, Shift Your Mind
  • Plan Your Blueprint Path to Wealth

The primary aim of the serial entrepreneur is to change the mindset of every reader and help them take their future into their hands as opposed to waiting for the government or any other institution to help them.

The book is set to be officially released in April 2018 and will be available on the website for as low as $10.98.

About Carlos Aguirre

CARLOS AGUIRRE is a serial entrepreneur, speaker, and mentor. Over the past two decades, Carlos has been a resource to his customers and network peers in the financial service industry. He lives by the motto of “one who tends to receive, and tends not to share, tends to lose it all.” He has worked in the financial industry for stock brokerage powerhouses, personal and commercial insurance leaders, and residential and commercial lending corporations. He is also the designer and author of real estate investment applications like FlipSniffer©, PAESPlus©, and PAESPlus Mobile©.

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