Carlos Aguirre teaches setting the foundation for financial success in new book

Serial entrepreneur and experienced financial service provider, Carlos Aguirre, details tips and essentials of setting the right foundation for financial success in new book – The Wealth Taboo

Carlos Aguirre has announced the release of his new book titled The Wealth Taboo – Is the US Education System Failing You? Isn’t It Time You Discover How the System Works You and Takes Control of Your Life? where he broke down the practices of the world banking and financial systems in an unprecedented manner while providing practicable tips to financial success.

The education system has been described by many as a failure particularly as it has failed to address the major issues of wealth creation. This has led to the production of individuals that have been groomed to become working bees with little or no knowledge about wealth building. The situation is even more worrisome as millennials stand the risk of being slaves to the systems for their entire life. This is where Carlos’ book is particularly unique and helpful.

The book addresses the issue of financial independence like never before, explaining the tenets of financial independence to readers in easy to understand terms. The book is particularly designed to help college students and the young generations to set the foundation for financial success.

The book is particularly written to give readers the understanding of how the system plays them. Some of the discoveries to be made in the book include

  • How the financial system uses you!
  • How to use Wealth Building Tools
  • How to use the power of Diversification and Residual Income
  • How your Network builds your Net Worth
  • How to plan your Blueprint Path to Wealth

Carlos hopes to help younger generations avoid falling into the same financial traps of older generations, so they can learn how to develop a wealthy mind.

The Wealth Taboo will be released in April 2018 and will be available in eBook, audio and print formats. More information about the book can be found on the website.

About the Author

Carlos Aguirre is a seasoned financial service and real estate investment professional with over two decades in the financial service industry. The serial entrepreneur, speaker, and mentor is also the designer and author of real estate investment applications like FlipSniffer©, PAESPlus©, and PAESPlus Mobile©.

Carlos has also been working for stock brokerage powerhouses, personal and commercial insurance leaders, and residential and commercial lending corporations for the past 26 years.

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