Prospectus for exchange listing of the Marquise Museum

March 20, 2018 –

Seed Funding Round 1

The Marquise Museum project is nearing the final stage of phase 1 crypto integration after which it will turn focus to old-world art scene with gallery exhibitions and Museum collaborations as a pioneer in the field of culture and blockchain. In order to complete this final stage after having performed well on Twitter and bitcointalk with parabolic growth in the past 30 days, and also with ICO listing and publication which generated a moderate amount of traffic to the website, associates are hereby invited to contribute to a fundraising pool to pay collateral for exchange listing at 2 crypto exchanges interested in hosting the Museum Token which is actively trading on Waves Platform under ticker Marquise Museum.

The two exchanges of interest are: Cryptobridge and Stocks.Exchange

They are also negotiating with six top 20 exchanges under NDA with the suggestion that a smaller exchange could act as a bridge in order to secure further capitalization for this long-term project and enhance probability of top exchange inclusion, as it will generate more external community traffic by listing within the ecosystem alongside peer cryptocurrencies and more importantly on index sites such as coinmarketcap and coinlib who require exchange API for real-time tracking.

The Marquise Museum represents pioneering use of blockchain certificate (Waves Token) to redeem proprietary Museum Art in a Limited Edition format sealed with the immutability of this new technology.

There is presently no market competitors but large-scale migration of fortune 500 brands is expected to take place during fall season and into 2019 and beyond. This is partly due to unexploited branding potential of blockchain sphere and technological advantage of utilizing distributed ledger for certain medium to high-value collectible products, specifically within the Luxury and Publishing industry (Chanel/TASCHEN).

The Marquise Museum project is the first mover in this emerging field of tokenization and the product more specifically is a cultural object (artbook) and in combination these factors contribute to emulate the onset of a potent cultural movement similar to the Beat Generation of the 1950’s and Life in America which is all time best selling photographic book in history with 4 million sold copies, much thanks to editorial poetry by Jack Kerouac.

Participants as members of the consortium of 20 are invited to contribute on a $500 inclusion fee that will be used to cover exchange listing expense, currently rated at 1 Bitcoin or $9000. Follow instructions set out in the video link below on how to purchase your license on Waves Exchange which will be issued to your waves wallet at a 50% consortium premium (150 000 Museum Tokens) because of the significant importance that this contribution represents at this stage of capitalization.

Financial statistics:

Gross profit per redeemed book including worldwide delivery at a token price of $75 (public offer): 100%
(excluding salaries/administrative fees/marketing/taxes)

Outstanding token supply: 660 Million M-II currency class & 66 000 M-I Asset class

Theoretical maximum redeemables: 66 000 books

Projected Minimum & Maximum Market capitalization at full capacity: $3 300 000 – $5 000 000 ($50-$75 per book/M-I Token)

Projected annual supply deflation of class M-II per year calculated on 1000 redeems: 1,5% 

Cryptocurrency category: Waves Token

Actively trading on Waves Platform, ticker Marquise Museum

Video Link:

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Media Contact
Company Name: The Marquise Museum of Contemporary Art
Contact Person: Marquise D Museum Operator
Phone: +42 773 695 228
Country: Czech Republic