Hair Growth Centre Helps People Get Natural Looking Hair with Their Advance hair transplant technique

Hairs define beauty, confidence and a sense of self-motivation and losing your lustrous mane at a significant rate can bring down the glee in your personality. Hair Growth Centre has a set of unique solutions for the common hair loss issues seen in both men and women in the U.K.

According to a report by NHS, about 8 million females in the U.K. are suffering from the medical condition termed as Alopecia which can be the cause of emotional distress or increased feeling of self-confidence. More than 50% of men in their fifties start experiencing male-pattern baldness. A spokesperson for the HGC  said, “To help keep your mane healthy and as shiny as your early 20s, HGC has cumulated a set of solutions for both men and women that are way advanced than any other service provider in the healthcare industry.”

Male Treatment

HGC’s unique answers for hair transplant in UK consists of total male hair loss package, hair management system, non-surgical micrografting, microsurgical grafting, platelet-rich plasma, photo-diode Therapy, easy graft calculator, intense photo-diode therapy, HGC-FS range, and compact laser kit. The treatment options provided by Hair Growth Centre are designed to reflect a more natural look that gels well with your look to provide a rather young radiance to your persona.

Each solution for hair loss comes with a free diagnostic session for the determination of your condition with the best specialists in the industry. The clinic uses pro-scopic technology to measure the intensity and type of hair loss. By far, HGC has successfully provided results for more than 60 types of hair loss seen in the male. 

Female Treatment

For women, hairs represent a part of their overall identity and a bad hair day could be the cause of emotional havoc for this feminine beauty let alone constant hair fall being a rising concern with each passing day. HGC is the answer to any hair transplant in London for ailments such as androgenetic alopecia, hormonal hair loss, Alopecia areata, and several such issues.

The female treatment options by HGC consist of total female hair loss package, female volume extensions, and female photo-diode therapy. Hair loss can affect women as young as 13 years, HGC’s hair loss solutions cater to the issues with four well-aligned steps which include diagnosis of the condition, followed by PDT program, PRP sessions, and use of the invasive technique for hair growth termed FUE.

About the Company

Hair Growth Centre is a renowned clinic for hair loss related issues with latest technologies and solutions for the treatment of the same. With a team of more than 40 staff members, the center has been catering to men and women from U.K. that require a more natural and less painful approach to hair loss correction with proper hygiene and care.

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