Inno Molding Company Limited Manufactures World-class Injection Mold And Plastic Molding Products For Its Global Clients

Inno Molding Company Limited is a national leader in China which manufactures injection molded and other plastic components for its global clients. It possesses over two decades of valuable experience in this commerce.

Most of the items people use on a daily basis are made from injection molding. For the technically uninitiated, It is a widely used  method  in the polymer industry for the purpose of mass production of any plastic items (trays, buttons for clothes, water bottles, etc.)  and those plastic derivatives which partly constitute other items (electric switch coatings, mechanical gear covers,  automobile parts, etc.). Inno Molding Company Limited is a leading plastic injection mold company in China which employs the aforementioned techniques to produce premium grade plastic, and injection molded components for its global clientele; which order from far-flung places like Australia, Canada, USA, UK, Russia, and Germany.

Among all the indigenous injection mold manufacturers in China, Inno Molding Company Limited has the most comprehensive and richest experience in this trade, a jaw-dropping twenty years. They have routinely fine-tuned their production processes to gain an edge over their competitors by offering plastic and injection molded deliverables at rock bottom sticker prices and without compromising the performance, durability, quality as well as the safety standards of their product offerings. Laptop plastic parts, smartphone covers, pen stands, battery cases, sofa arms, DVD covers, ring case, master box, automotive thermoplastic components are just a few names from their wide array of products.

Inno Molding Company Limited Manufactures World-class Injection Mold And Plastic Molding Products  For Its Global Clients

Their plastic mold factory located in China’s Shenzhen, makes rubber injection molds, outer covers, slider mounts, base covers, mainframes, cylinder tanks, body compartments, socket covers and electric albums as well. Presently their arsenal contains five CNC machine sets, ten EDM sets, five slow-feed linear cutters, twenty injectors, eight wire cutter sets, eighteen milling machine sets, three lathe sets and six grinder sets. All their machines are imported from USA, Germany, and Switzerland.  Their in-house design and prototyping studio are well-stocked with latest versions of Moldflow, Auto CAD, UG, PRO/E and Master CAM for all the experimentation, sketching and simulation requirements for creating new molds and test models.

The Quality inspectors, senior project managers, as well as design evangelists work together as a team to perform DFM analysis and FMEA risk assessment using Moldflow to eliminate design errors even before getting started with a new project. If they are awarded a turnkey project; they meticulously take care of the much required 3D modeling, drawing, and 2D prototyping pre-requisites. They’re after sales service is best-in-class. As they manage the packaging and national or international shipping on behalf of their esteemed clients as well, their customers only need to concentrate on marketing and product promotion, and this is the USP of Inno Molding Company Limited.

About Inno Molding Company Limited:

Inno Molding Company Limited is a nationally reputed Chinese injection molding and plastic molding products maker and has a world-class factory that serves their global clients coming from USA, UK, Germany, Russia, Canada, Australia and many other technologically advanced countries.

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