Downlights Direct’s essential guide to buying downlights readily available on LED downlight page

It’s understandable that not many people know how to choose downlights in the proper way. But thanks to Downlights Direct, customers now have the opportunity to choose the right kind of downlights with its essential guide readily seen on its own downlight page.

UNITED KINGDOM – 20 Mar, 2018 – LED downlights have certainly taken the world by storm, and today, more homeowners and business owners are opting for LED downlights than ever. They offer an array of benefits and features, and they are also more affordable and friendly on the budget. At Downlights Direct, the selection of LED downlights is also more varied and comes only from the most trusted and popular manufacturers, such as Aurora Lighting, Philips, Halers, JCC, Integral, and more.

But choosing the right kind of downlight can be quite a challenge, especially for those who don’t know much about their functionality, performance, and efficiency. Thanks to Downlights Direct, however, anyone who has questions about LED downlights and would like to make sure they are choosing the right one can get the information they need on the LED downlights page of Downlights Direct. Downlights Direct features a guide on what to remember before purchasing downlights, and this guide includes one of the most significant rules. As Downlights Direct states, “Don’t just go straight for the cheapest downlights or LEDs on the market.”

Downlights Direct explains the rule in more detail: “Like with most things in life, you get what you pay for and LED downlights are no different. If you look closely at the specifications, higher priced products come with longer guarantee periods, longer life expectancies and are usually brighter with higher lumen outputs.”

Another rule of thumb when purchasing LED downlights, as confirmed by Downlights Direct, is this: “Don’t expect dimmable LED downlights to work with your existing dimmer switch.” Downlights Direct further explains, “Unless you’ve already got an LED compatible dimmer switch such as the Varilight V-Pro it’s unlikely that your dimmer switch will work. When you turn on your lights you may get a flickering or strobing effect which is due to incompatibility. To resolve this issue, you can either purchase a brand-new LED compatible dimmer switch which includes the wall plate, or you could just purchase a retrofit module.”

The guide also says more about existing setups for lighting as well as the importance of measuring the spaces in ceiling voids and the sizes of holes first. With this guide, it’s now easier for customers to choose the right product for their requirements.


Downlights Direct has always been the name that comes to mind in regard to premier, long-lasting downlights. To get more information about the LED downlights UK selection of Downlights Direct, visit the company website. 

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