Downlights Direct releases guide to choosing downlights for kitchens and other rooms

At Downlights Direct, customers can certainly take advantage of one of the broadest arrays of LED downlights around. But for those looking for additional information on choosing downlights for various rooms, from kitchens to lounge rooms and more, Downlights Direct has the answers as well.

UNITED KINGDOM – 20 Mar, 2018 – For those who are not fully aware of what downlights really are and what they can do, Downlights Direct offers a very clear description and explanation on a downlight. According to Downlights Direct, downlights are luminaires or light fixtures or fittings which can emit light downwards, and it comes with a highly accurate although narrow-angle when it comes to the beam. The light beam, however, is very intense and concentrated, which provides a bright and clear light effect to a specific object or area underneath the light.

This is a clear explanation indeed, and customers should be able to easily understand the purpose of downlights for their homes or businesses. But for customers who would like to transform the look as well as feel of certain rooms, especially kitchens and other key rooms, Downlights Direct provides the right answers as well.

Downlights Direct readily offers a guide to choosing downlights for kitchens and other important rooms right on its website’s downlights webpage. According to Downlights Direct, there are three typical locations or rooms which could directly benefit from the installation of downlights, and this includes an existing lounge room, a kitchen, and a newly-built lounge room or living area.

Downlights Direct gives more information about installing downlights in kitchens: “A kitchen is always the most time consuming when you’re doing lighting designs for homes. This is because it contains cupboard spaces, appliances, and worktops which need to be considered as part of the design and each one has to be individually drawn.”

Downlights Direct continues, “If your kitchen is 9 metres by 9 metres you’re going to lose a lot of that area with cupboards and worktops. Depending on the heights of these, they may need to be considered as part of walls especially if cupboards go right to the ceiling. This reduces the floor space and the area of the room that needs to be illuminated.”

For lounge areas, Downlights Direct also recommends brighter downlights with a wider beam angle of about 60 degrees, especially for newly-built areas. Because of the readily-available guidelines from Downlights Direct, anyone can more conveniently choose the right lighting for their homes and be sure that the lighting they have is more than sufficient for their needs.


Downlights Direct has always been a leading source of downlights and other superior quality lights which can be used for homes, commercial locations, industrial locations, and more.

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