Richard Jameson Adds a Second Novel to this Thrilling MTT Series of Speculative Fiction Novels

As a new writer, Richard Jameson has done what few other science fiction authors have been able to do—write a compelling novel that grips the imagination of its readers. His first book, “MTT”, was an exciting story about four newcomers to the Metaphysical Time Travel Organization. This complex story with mind-bending futuristic concepts and complicated characters keeps its readers turning its pages and leaves them utterly breathless at the climax. In response to the enormous critical and commercial success of “MTT”, Richard has begun working on a sequel.

Having learned many lessons from his first publication project, Richard will craft an even more captivating story using the fleshed out characters from “MTT.” This story will be infused with the author’s trademark sophisticated storytelling and humor, as well as a deeper exploration of the universe and time. Like his first novel, the science fiction tropes are well grounded in conventional science and the story is built around engaging, appealing characters like Dr. Anne Cleary.

Writing and publishing a first class novel is an involved and expensive process, but one that Richard hopes to complete with the support of his fans and lovers of outstanding science fiction. In order to edit, market and design the next novel in the MTT series, Richard estimates that he must raise $2,000. He has sponsored a campaign on Kickstarter to secure the necessary funds. For supporters of this important project, there are a number of perks like digital or paperback versions of the finished novel.

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