Downlights Direct offers more variety in downlights, from LED downlights to GU10, and more

Not many people may be aware of it, but LED downlights actually come in many forms. As Downlights Direct attests, there are general LED downlights, but there are also miniature, fire rated, surface, studio, insulation coverable, and IP65 and IP44 downlights. Now, customers can choose from this broader range of downlights at Downlights Direct.

UNITED KINGDOM – 20 Mar, 2018 – Downlights Direct has been a reliable supplier of downlights for UK homes and business enterprises for years, and its range of products is a testament to its commitment to providing customers with everything they need, and at friendly prices as well. 

For shoppers who are looking for the right LED downlights, Downlights Direct has one of the most varied selections around. This is evident in its offerings of different kinds and forms of downlights, which range from standard LED downlights to fire rated downlights, insulation coverable downlights, miniature downlights, GU10 downlights, IP65 and IP44 downlights, studio downlights, surface downlights, shallow downlights, colour changing downlights, and so much more.

The selection of downlights at Downlights Direct all comes from reputable brands which have been producing downlights for many years. For customers looking for fire rated downlights, Downlights Direct imparts some important details: “Fire rated downlights help to prevent the spread of fire and minimise the risk of structural damage/collapse. When a recessed downlight is installed, a hole is cut into the ceiling. This hole reduces the ceiling’s natural ability to act as a barrier. Fire rated downlights restore the natural fire integrity of a ceiling. They are available as GU10 downlights or fully integrated LED versions.”

Downlights Direct also gives more detail about another kind of downlight, the insulation coverable downlight: “Part L of the Building Regulations (energy efficiency) states that you should lay continuous insulation over a ceiling space. Without using insulation correctly, warm air will escape through the holes created by recessed downlights. Wasting valuable energy, estimated at £5 per year, per downlight! We have a range of insulation coverable downlights, some of them like the Aurora M Series require an additional cover cap. Others like the Aurora Sola and JCC Flameguard series are insulation coverable as standard and don’t require any additional accessories.” 

When it comes to other kinds of downlights, Downlights Direct has relevant and particular advice as well. The information imparted by Downlights Direct about each kind of downlight helps shoppers make the ideal choice. 


Downlights Direct, a premier and trusted supplier of high-quality downlights for homes and business as well as industrial purposes, offers a more varied range than ever. For those who would like more info about down lighting and downlight options, visit the company website.

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