offers important guides to selecting downlights for bathrooms, kitchens, and more has been specialising in downlights for a long time, and its specialty range includes notable manufacturers like Ansell, Aurora, Click, Integral LED, JCC, Philips, and more. But for those wanting to get some questions answered regarding downlights for bathrooms and kitchens, provides highly relevant answers.

UNITED KINGDOM – 20 Mar, 2018 – LED downlights have become a truly remarkable and satisfying alternative to traditional lighting such as halogen, fluorescent, and CFL. Not only are LED downlights more efficient in every way – they are also longer-lasting, and they can provide much brighter illumination, thanks in part to advancements in LED lighting technology. 

At, shoppers have the chance to opt for a wide collection of various types of downlights and other lighting products, which include LED spotlights, LED dimmer switches and sockets, LED track lights and strip lights, smart lighting, under cabinet LED lights, and a lot more. But this wide selection can make some customers understandably confused, and this is why provides guides on choosing downlights as well, particularly in regard to downlights for bathrooms and kitchens. 

For bathrooms, states: “When planning a bathroom lighting installation, it is first important to consider the Building Regulations. The bathroom is split up into three different zones, each zone requires the downlights or light fittings to meet different IP (ingress protection) ratings. The minimum IP rating for downlights that are being fitted over a shower cubicle is IP44. However, many areas of the bathroom require no IP rating, meaning you can install a mixture of water resistant (IP44 to IP65) and none water resistant (IP20) downlights.” 

For kitchens, also explains, “In kitchens, there are no zones or regulations to be followed as there is very little risk of water splashing the downlights. Unlike in bathrooms where regulations or zones must be adhered to, you can use almost any type of downlight for this area.” 

Some of the most popular and often-viewed downlights at include the Fire Rated Insulation Coverable downlight from the Aurora Enlite selection (EFD Pro), the Fire Rated GU10 downlight from the Aurora Enlite series, outdoor downlights from Ansell (GU10), dimmer switches from Varilight, and more. also has highly-useful advice for the use of fire rated downlights as well as LED spotlights, GU10 downlights, and more. With the advice from, shoppers can rest assured that what they have chosen will adhere not only to regulations but also to their own requirements and preferences. 

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