Downlights Direct’s FAQ page offers detailed information on downlight use, compatibility, and more

Downlights Direct has provided numerous clients with whatever they need in regard to superior lighting such as LED downlights. But aside from this, Downlights Direct provides a more personalised service with its FAQ page giving advice on common questions such as proper downlight use, types of downlights, and so on.

UNITED KINGDOM – 20 Mar, 2018 – Selecting the proper kind of downlight takes some time, particularly if customers have specific needs. Downlights can vary according to where they will be used, how they will be used, and more. Additionally, there are some considerations regarding downlight compatibility and the selection of downlights such as fire rated downlights, downlights for outdoor use, compliance with building regulations, and so on. 

But for customers who have a lot of questions regarding downlights, Downlights Direct’s FAQ page can provide the precise answers. One of the more common questions about downlights is the types of downlights available today, and Downlights Direct clearly explains, “Recessed downlights are available in countless shapes, sizes, finishes, and brightness. They are also available in different types such as fixed, adjustable and bathroom (IP65). It is important to choose the right type of downlight to meet the demands of your project or application. If you can’t install a recessed downlight due to height restrictions, you could fit a surface mounted one or a spotlight.” 

Downlights Direct also gives more information about IP ratings. As Downlights Direct confirms, “The IP code in brackets stands for International Protection, although the more popular definition is ingress protection, International Protection is correct… The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standard, 60529, or EN 60529 for Europe is a measurement of a product’s resistance to water and dust. The first number is for its resistance to dust, whilst the second number shows its resistance to water…In short, IP20 means it’s touch proof and IP44 means it’s resistant to water and dust. Anything above IP44 can be used in bathroom zones 1 and 2 which include mounting them directly above a shower.” 

In addition, Downlights Direct classifies bathroom zones in its FAQ page. According to Downlights Direct, “A bathroom is split up into three different zones. The zonal requirements of each area are mainly dependent upon the risk level of water getting close to or touching the electrical supply. This would cause damage to the installation but more importantly poses a risk of electric shock.” 

Downlights Direct also gives useful answers to questions about loft insulation and downlights, choosing between GU10 or integrated LED downlights, the number of downlights ideal for kitchens, upgrading from halogen lights to LED lights, choosing colour mperatures, and a lot more.


Downlights Direct, a long-standing source of lights, particularly downlights, offers a highly-affordable yet premium selection of LED spotlights and other popular lighting products. To browse through its collection, visit the company’s site. 

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