Wider variety of beautiful bathroom wall boards and panels now offered by JT Spas

Bathroom wall boards and shower panels have become a brilliant alternative to tiles and other materials used for bathroom walls and shower enclosures. At JT Spas, any shopper looking for a good replacement for bathroom tiles can take advantage of the wider selection of wall boards and panels on offer.

JT Spas specialises in a broad range of bathroom products, which include some of the most common products such as baths, showers and enclosures, furniture, taps, basins and toilets, and accessories such as bathroom mirrors (including LED mirrors and illuminated mirrors), radiator accessories and valves, shower pumps, body massage jets, and more.

But there is one particular product which has become more in demand with customers: shower and bathroom wall boards and panels. These wall boards and panels are stylish and attractive, and they can easily replace old and worn out tiles in a bathroom. What makes wall boards and panels extra popular is the fact that they are both easy to install and easy to maintain. The wall boards and panels are made from high quality, durable PVC and come with an array of patterns, hues, and colours. They are also non-porous, making the panels more hygienic, and this also makes them highly recommended for bathrooms regularly used by families with small children. The panels from JT Spas are also tongue and groove, which means that they can be installed with ease.

For those who want to transform and upgrade their bathroom but don’t want to deal with a cumbersome and expensive tile installation, wall panels and boards are a highly feasible solution. They are completely waterproof and will not be damaged by water, and they prevent the buildup of mould as well.

Additionally, wall boards and panels allow shoppers to save money since they are less expensive than tiles and other bathroom and shower wall materials. Wall boards and panels will cost from £34.95 to £169 at JT Spas, and these prices are already significantly discounted. The regular price for shower wall boards and panels can range from £99 to £249 elsewhere. The shower wall boards and panels are designed to look remarkably like marble and other materials such as sandstone, granite, and anthracite as well as classic ceramic tile, which lends a completely elegant and classy look to any bathroom but without the exorbitant price.

To take a closer look at the wider selection of bathroom wall boards and panels at JT Spas, visit http://www.jtspas.co.uk.

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JT Spas offers a wide array of products specifically for the modern and beautiful bathroom, including baths and showers, toilets and basins, accessories, bathroom furniture, and more. For those who are looking for affordable yet high-quality wall boards for the bathroom, visit JT Spas.

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