Provides Repair Services with a Team of WOSTEP-Certified Watchmakers

RANCHO CUCAMONGA, CA – March 20, 2018 – Even though more and more businesses are moving their services online, there are still some that invest in their personnel. Some online companies, such as, even do both. My Jewelry Repair is a jewelry and watch repair business that possesses the capacity and the facilities to make their services available nationwide, while also investing in high end employee training, sending them off to complete advanced certification courses overseas. My Jewelry Repair prides itself on making its services available on its user-friendly website where their customers can set up their repairs and print out mailing slips to send those repairs by secure mail.

They’ve just sent two of their watchmakers in addition to owner Juan Guevara to Switzerland, enrolling in and completing WOSTEP (Watchmakers of Switzerland Training and Educational Program) courses, coming back with new certifications specializing in Different Techniques Related to Polishing. WOSTEP offers professional qualifications watchmakers can earn in the maintenance and care of fine-quality watches. WOSTEP is internationally recognized. It is through continuous training that My Jewelry Repair is able to provide after-service and repairs on a wide array of watches to customer satisfaction.

In this economic climate where many businesses are cutting back expenses and even in some cases short-changing their employees, My Jewelry Repair is not afraid or apprehensive to provide quality training to their watchmaker team, as well as their master jewelers, even if it means flying them across the globe.  WOSTEP is yet another example of continued education from My Jewelry Repair, the first online, mail-in watch and jewelry repair service. Their watch department now boasts certifications from WOSTEP, SAWTA (Swiss American Watchmakers Training Alliance), AWCI (American Watchmakers Clockmakers Institute) and many more.

“Our master jewelers and certified master watchmakers can perform any watch or jewelry repair,” says on their website. Some of the repairs they get come from other jewelers and watch repair shops that don’t have the knowledge or the tooling to execute certain cumbersome watch repairs. Those who might benefit from watch repair services can take a look at for extensive case studies on their website showing the watch repairs they perform with before-and-after photos.

Investing in their employees may also be a reason why continues to enjoy growth as a business each year.

More on is an online, mail-in certified watch repair and master jewelry repair service that dedicates itself to facilitating the ultimate user-friendly experience on their website. Founded in 2014, they offer convenient customer service and expert repairs, maintaining headquarters in both Rancho Cucamonga, CA, and Connecticut. continues to evolve into one of the leading and most qualified jewelry and watch repair services in the US.

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