‘Tantric Traditions’ by Gwendolyn Taunton Dispels Myths, Reveals Authentic Tantra Teachings

Melbourne, Australia – March 21st, 2018 – Tantra is timeless, and so is the mystique associated with this esoteric tradition of India. The myriad images that go with it, whether sexual practices, the occult or mind bending rituals, make it even more attractive, but also bring about curiosity as to the real, authentic Tantra traditions. Australian born author and scholar Gwendolyn Taunton dispels the myths and reveals the true Tantra teachings and practices in her latest work, ‘Tantric Traditions: Gods, Rituals, & Esoteric Teachings in the Kali Yuga’.

The real Tantric practices of India are still shrouded in mystery. For a casual observer, Tantra seems to be a rebellion against the ancient Vedic traditions and teachings. Gwendolyn dispels such popular misconceptions brilliantly in ‘Tantric Traditions’. She shows how Tantric practices reinforce their roots in Vedic traditions, and are the appropriate teaching for the times we live in today, called the Kali Yuga.

Readers of ‘Tantric Traditions’ will get to know that Kali Yuga and its philosophy forms the core of Tantra, making it an extension of the Vedic teachings in a re-interpreted form for the new age. The book also explains the role of Tantra in the large Hindu traditions, the nature of Siva, Devi, the export of Tantric practices to the West and the role of the traditionalist school, as well as secret mantra techniques.

The first part of ‘Tantric Traditions’ ventures into Gods, sacred rites and the Kali Yuga, examining Siva, Kali and her many forms, while the second part dwells on the origins, rituals and esoteric teachings of Tantra, the right and left paths, gnoseology and magico-religious practices. The work relies on authentic Tantric occult texts such as the Mantramahodadhi of Mahidara (c.1588 CE) and the Vinasikhatantra, which in their contents exceed the infamous European Grimoires.

With my new book ‘Tantric Traditions’, I have discovered the mysterious ancient origins of Tantra, and explained why Tantra is perceived very differently in the West than it is in India,” says Gwendolyn Taunton.

Gwendolyn is a scholar of Philosophy, Hinduism and Buddhism, and has also been active as a software programmer and web designer. In 2009 she won the $10,000 Ashton Wylie Award for Literary Excellence for her first book Primordial Traditions. Gwendolyn runs her own jewellery, publishing and property investment businesses, and loves obscure music, horror movies and exploring the wild, indigenous Australian fauna. An amateur herpetologist and fiercely individualistic, she does not support any political ideology, and her rural home in Australia is filled with books, exotic plants and bizarre antiquities. 

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