Wealth Creator Nobel Coin (NBLC) Keeps Booming!

There is a dark horse galloping forcefully in the currency world.… Who is it? George Henry, the famous Wall Street investor, is here to fill you in!

March this year witnesses a phase of price adjustment for the encrypted digital currency as the prices of many currencies including Bitcoin and Ethereum are going under pressure. Some large exchanges have even removed from their shelves more than 80 kinds of digital currencies, which sparks a panic in the market. People are wondering if the digital currency is beginning to have its cold wintertime?

As a matter of fact, there is this currency that truly has the application scene to bring good news to the devotees of digital currency. Nobel Coin (NBLC), as a new star in the currency world launched in the market in late January this year, has all the way broken through the threshold of 200 USD per coin and refreshed people’s eyes in the market!


According to industry insiders, there is currently a group of Wall Street investors, including Apolo Fund, engaged in active preparations to collect a fund of 1 billion USD to purchase and hold Nobel Coins. The reason is quite simple:

Firstly, it’s the background of its birth.

Bitcoin came into being in 2009 when the Federal Reserve’s quantitative easing monetary policy, the European debt crisis and the global recession were shaking people’s confidence in the government’s currency. It was the perfect time for the birth of a new currency. Therefore, the birth of the Bitcoin was not only the personal wish of Dorian S. Nakamoto but also the choice of history!

Nobel Coin (NBLC) was born in 2018.

Nobel Coin creates a new application scenario in terms of new finance, new payment and new retail to change people’s concepts of financial management and methods of saving. When the Nobel Coin held by players reaches a certain amount, the holders will get the block award with proof of rights and interests. The more Nobel Coin you hold, the more block awards you will get.

Secondly, its application in business via point-to-point scanning payment is convenient for cross-border payment. When you want to buy an item in the United States or Italy, you don’t need to change for foreign currency or go to the bank for remittance payments. It only takes you a few seconds to send Nobel Coins to sellers and then wait for them to send you the item from their countries, with a lot of time and high service fees saved. This is what Nobel Coin can do for you. A new era of payment has come!

Thirdly, as a pioneer of new payment, Nobel Coin has its application scenario so widely recognized and accepted by businesses that its holders can consume at any business accepting Nobel Coin. It makes the holder and merchant become one, automatizes consumption and sales, promotes the business ecological cycle, and embodies the business model of new retail.

Thus said George Henry, the well-known investor in Wall Street and also a prestigious figure in the currency world, about why those insightful investment managers are preparing as much as 1 billion USD to enter the market, which will make the already scarce 86 million Nobel Coins in the circulation become rarer. Industry insiders have boldly predicated that the Nobel Coin price will fluctuate between 1,000 USD and 2,000 USD by the end of the year. Now that the price is at 200 USD, its appreciation space is quite considerable, which makes it become the market darling! It is scarce now, but will become scarcer in the future! Nobel Coin is called the creator of wealth and worthy of holding for a long term! Nobel Coin (NBLC), as a dark horse, is keeping booming in the currency world!

Postscript: This is the opportunity and product of the times. It is also a domain where a legend is created in the field of new finance. Those who can catch up with it become leaders and those who fail can only serve as the witness. Nobel Coin is the next Bitcoin that you are looking for!

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