Zoe Natural Creations Offers Unique Body Care Products Derived from Only the Best All-Natural Materials

If you are like most consumers, you probably want only the best, most healthy products for yourself and your family. That is what inspired Shawna Pickard Wilkinson to create Zoe Natural Creations, a premier line of balms, body scrubs, soaps, body butters, and aromatherapy pillows that treat the outside of your body with the care and gentleness it deserves. Crafted from the finest, all-natural ingredients like lemongrass, coconut oil and lavender, Zoe Natural Creations’ products will add suppleness and vitality to your skin, as well as renew your vigor.

Among the many fine products that Zoe Natural Creations offers are:

  • Balms — these Baby Bum, Bug Be Gone, Baby Belly, Owie, Tattoo and Vapor varieties of organic products are made from essential oils like eucalyptus, lavender and tea, as well as cocoa or Shea butter.
  • Sugar Body Scrubs — based on the revitalizing power of one of Nature’s sweetest substances, these scrubs cleanse your pores, slough off dead skin cells, moisturize and beautify your skin.
  • Dead Sea Salt Bath Soak and Body Scrubs — made from 100 percent all natural ingredients like Dead Sea Salt (which restores your skins minerals with magnesium, potassium, sodium and bromide) and sweet almond oil, these soaks re-invigorate your skin and relax your muscles.
  • Handcrafted Bar Soaps — almost 20 varieties of our premier line of soaps will renew your skin so that it is once again soft and inviting.
  • Liquid African Black Soap — this liquid soap has anti-fungal and deodorizing properties and is ideal for resolving fine lines, managing eczema, eliminating blemishes and remedying scalp irritation. It is great for removing tough grease and oil on hard-working hands.
  • Shea Body Butter — Loaded with vitamins A, E and F, this body butter will leave your skin looking and feeling years younger.
  • Aromatherapy Pillows — these specially designed pillows will help you drift off into the most restful sleep you have had in years, while also filling your home or office with soothing scents.  They are also great for soothing sore, tired muscles.

While Zoe Natural Creations has experienced immense success among the most discriminating consumers for quite some time, Shawna would like to expand her clientele to the general public. She has sponsored a campaign on Kickstarter where you can purchase these deluxe products and help share these wonderful body care luxuries with others.

If you would like to learn more about Zoe Natural Creations or order one of these products, please visit:

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