Crazy Minds announces the release of new online video courses

Leading India-based Innovative and Fun Learning Center, Crazy Minds, announces the release of new video courses for Hadoop, Python, and Pega

Crazy Minds is an innovative and fun learning center based in India. The institute is known for its easy to understand courses delivered both offline and online. Crazy Minds recently announced the release of a wide range of courses for students wanting to learn some of the most sought-after software applications on the market. The new courses are designed to cover Pega, Python, and Hadoop software applications, offering a comprehensive guide on how to go about using the software and becoming professionals.

The labour market is becoming increasingly competitive, particularly due to the increasing number of skilled hands. Therefore, it has become imperative for employees and other such persons in the labour market to continuously develop themselves in order to remain relevant in the market. However, getting quality courses and lessons has become difficult with the available ones somewhat expensive or too rigid particularly for very busy persons. Crazy Minds has therefore taken the bold step of providing such lessons at affordable rates without necessarily sacrificing flexibility or affordability.

Crazy Minds offers a plethora of lessons in video, online and offline classes, allowing users to choose the best suitable option based on their schedule and preference. One of such lessons is the newly launched PegaTraining program in Hyderabad. Available in offline and online course models, the lesson contained in the training are designed to practically hold the student by the hand, explaining every bit of the application to him or her. The training program contains 10 lessons, which include Video Recordings, Hard Copy Material, Soft Copy Material, Interview Questions Handbook as well as Resume Writing.

Another new course from Crazy Minds is the Python training program designed to tutor beginners and experienced programmers on how to use one of the most sought-after programming languages. The versatility and comprehensiveness of Python have helped increase its popularity in recent times, tagged as the most extensive programming language being used for wide variety of platforms including applications and robotics. Crazy Minds is consequently offering lessons to make users even more competitive in the labour market.

Crazy Minds has also announced the release of a training program to teach Hadoop, an open-source software framework used for distributed storage and processing of data set of big data using the MapReduce programming model.

The courses are available on the Crazy Minds website and more information about the new courses and other available training programs can be found on the website.

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Crazy Minds is India’s #1 Innovative & Fun Learning Center with more than 40 Courses with in-depth coverage & quality. Crazy Minds helps students and jobseekers to remain competitive in the job market as it provides them with rich and easy to understand lessons on the latest applications and techniques in their respective fields. The instuitute offers certification, project as well as job assistance.

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