What exactly does catering mean and truths about it

To most people catering means hiring someone to provide food at a specific location

According to Roozbeh Farahanipour, owner of Delphi Greek in LA, that is part of the job. The best catering services provide more to their customers.

“Anyone can provide food. You can get hamburgers from a fast food place if that’s all you want,” he said. “When you hire a full service catering agency, you are getting the exact food you want and the service which comes with it.”

Among those services are:

• Settings – This is the tableware, glasses, table cloths and if needed the tables and chairs. Many venues already have some of these, but some have nothing but the location.

• Music – A lot of people don’t think about music when hiring a catering service, but that is something which can be added. Recorded or live music is available, given enough time to make those arrangements.

• Lighting – Another option that may surprise people is arranging lighting for the venue. Most caterers are not asked to do this kind of kind, but with careful planning this too can be part of the package.

“We have working arrangements with companies that can take care of everything you need, except the guests. You decide who to invite,” Mr. Farahanipour said. “Of course the more involved you need us to be, the more time and planning we need to get everything just right.”

Food is always a major reason to hire a catering service. This is where Delphi Greek excels. With a full menu from appetizers and breakfast for a just a few to sumptuous dinners for hundreds, Mr. Farahanipour and his staff have it covered.

“We offer the fastest catering service in CA, if all you need is the food,” he said.” For 50 or fewer people, we can have it ready to go in two hours. If you have more than 50, we can ready to serve in four hours.”

For more information visit www.delphigreek.com and click the catering button.

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