Scandal – Made In Italy, an Italian-manufactured luxurious boho-chic clothing brand for women of all ages, features innovative designs, high-quality materials, & exquisite colored-dye production. Scandal uses fabrics that are carefully hand-dyed in Italy by some of the oldest and most revered families of craftsmen in the fashion industry, visible on their Instagram @scandalitaly. The clothing pieces are made of only the finest natural materials, including crepe & satin silk, cotton, and linen imported worldwide from the best fabric makers. Soft materials that have that luxurious touch which are then hand-dyed in soft fabrics with amazing attention to detail.

Many styles have incredible hand embroidered & crochet craftsmanship. Scandal Italy represents the marriage between high-end style and effortlessly boho-chic & believes forward-thinking design should come with real-life wearability instead of the inaccessibility of runway looks. Lead designer and founder of Scandal Italy, Dylan Ifergane, grew up immersed in fashion, nightlife, & art passed down from generations of expertise in a plethora of industries.

This Spring 2018 Collection inspired by Dylan Ifergane’s frequent exotic travels are a culmination of years of design trail & error which have led Scandal Italy to have a masterpiece collection full of live & romantic flair — Perfect for those women with a uncontrollable need of wanderlust.

Scandal Italy’s core image since the beginning was to be for mothers & daughters, ageless for all women in all shapes, figures, & sizes. Dylan Ifergane’s unique ability of designing so many different styles & in so many fabulous fabrics, makes it’s easy to get that extraordinary look for your evening stroll on the sands of Malibu, your honeymoon in Bora Bora & for pretty much any occasion. Scandal Italy firmly believes it’s essential that your closet should match your personality, so be sure before you pick one you browse through the magnificent online selection to find your absolute favorite one or two or three. Moreover, Scandal dresses have a special appeal to it with there unique micro-details that will highlight everybody’s gorgeous figures in the best possible way. Scandal, Made In Italy — has quite the variety of tops, dresses, tunics, & bottoms in all lengths and cuts, some could be knee-length or slightly longer & some could be cute crop tops for a little more romantic flair.  It’s also a pleasure to say, depending on your figure — you have a choice with different types of necklines as nobody knows what looks best on you more than you do. Depending on what you are comfortable with you can opt for strapless, sleeveless, spaghetti straps, one shoulder or off the shoulder styles.

“We represent the marriage between high-end style and effortless chic. We believe that forward-thinking design should come with real-life wearability, and that beautiful clothing should not be restricted to the runway. From barely-there fabrics with handcrafted details to eye-catching colors and bold silhouettes, our designs cater to a diverse audience of tastemakers who celebrate individuality and aren’t afraid to cause a Scandal,” said Dylan Ifergane while addressing his designs.

If you are tall, you can show off your long legs in their signature silk pants with an open side slip, or you can try our exclusive array of ankle length luxurious silk & lace dresses available in vibrant colors, cuts, and patterns. Make any excuse to leave the house an enchanting one with your lovely Scandal pieces, as they have got some kind of magic to hold attention with its charm. The dress above, the “DANA” is an important example that certainly makes me think I’ll look like a princess when I book my travel plans for a tropical destination. When it comes to a party dress, Scandal ranges from the simple flirtatious to the dramatically sexy, & everything in-between. 

About The Lead Designer

Lead designer and Scandal Italy founder Dylan Ifergane grew up immersed in the worlds of fashion and art. Understanding the close connection between the two, he realized many of the fashions that dazzled on the runway were completely unwearable, and that ready-to-wear versions often sacrificed their original artistic edge in favor of “fast fashion” mass appeal. A firm believer that forward-thinking style should be accessible to the world, Dylan Ifergane founded Scandal Italy to cater to discerning individuals who refuse to settle for what’s trending.

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