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March 21, 2018 – TrainYourDogsOnline, a company that is well known for their high-flying deeds in the area of providing dog training to all and sundry proudly announces the launch of their website. There is always a sense of pride and companionship between a dog and its owner when the dog is properly trained.

Quite a number of dog owners believe that obedience training is the only training that is required for their dog. They also believe that dogsbehavior depends on the behavior of its owner which. There are many reasons why a dog barks; by simply potty training a puppy, it will give him the required confidence, ease of mind and above all make it the right companion that you are looking for,” said Angelo Abruzzese of TrainYourDogsOnline.

Dog training helps to create bond with ones pet.The puppy isn’t the only one learning, the dog owner also learns from the dog which helps them to understand them better, know their mood and needs. Trained dogs are also more sociable as they find it easier to mingle with other dogs and people.Proper training helps to save ones dog from an accident as they know which roads are dangerous.

After birth, the development of a puppy’s brain takes about seven weeks which is a good time to start training them to be intelligent. During training, Oxytocin is released to reduce their stress leveland makes them calm and happier.

As the natural habitat of dogs is not home but outside, many dogs feel shy when they join ones family thus avoid contact, won’t come near or even listen to ones orders. Training will make them less fearful and confident.A properly trained dog is always an asset, a good companion for the family and won’t create nuisances when taken to park, for a walk, on hiking adventures and other interesting places.

A properly trained dog is 6 times less likely to be surrendered or returned to a shelter as a result of bad behaviour as they learn to live with their owners peacefully. Training dogs will also reduce their boredom and idleness as they get to learn different skills regularly. It also gives them a real job as a dog.

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