World-leading cryptocurrency financial services group Galaxy Crypto launches their Pre-ICO


Galaxy Crypto, one of the leading cryptocurrency financial services group has announced the launch of their Pre-ICO through which they’re selling the GALAXY tokens at a price of 0.09-0.14. The initial response to the pre-ICO has been good and the goal is to raise 1050 ETH until the end date. The total supply of the tokens will be 220 196 091 and for main ICO, 140,000,000 tokens will be made available. The sale period for the token is from March 19th to June 21st, 2018.

In 2015, the founders of Galaxy Crypto realized the potential of blockchain technology to revolutionize the future of the global financial system which inspired them to create a decentralized exchange system.  The exchange system will also be composed of representatives to ensure compliance with the laws of a particular country, especially where the scope of cryptocurrency is higher. In countries where Galaxy Coin is used, it is prepared in accordance with the laws of the banks.  This will allow every user to use their own currency to shop in safe areas such as shopping centers via kiosks.

Galaxy Crypto has also developed a mobile application using which the user can get Cryptocurrency from their credit card in the company’s stock market. Using the Galaxy platform, the users can conveniently trade, buy or sell cryptocurrencies with the help of the most popular payment methods for the fiat currencies available in their resident country. As of now, the users can exchange more than 25 cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin and Ethereum among others.

Blockchain technology has surely revolutionized the way people make payments, do transactions and trade around the world. The major advantage that a decentralized exchange like galaxy Crypto offers over the conventional exchange is that it is more reliable and secure due to the fact that the funds are held by the user themselves and not a third party. It also provides privacy to the users since they don’t need to disclose their personal details to anyone. The identity is revealed only in the case of bank transfers and only to the person who is selling or buying from the user.

In addition, there is no risk of server downtime in case of decentralized exchanges as the hosting is distributed through nodes. More information about the Galaxy crypto platform and the ICO is available at

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