Become A Homeowner Sooner Than Later With Homeowner Soon (HOS)

How Exciting It Is To Finally Hear “Yes! You Can Own A Home Soon”

In Canada, it can be hard to get a home and even harder to keep it, and when banks try to foreclose or flat out take a home when owners get behind on their payments. The company “Homeowner Soon” (HOS) can help home owners own various properties, homes, and condos without all of the trouble of going through the process the traditional way. If a bank denies a potential homeowners application, it can be devastating. However, Homeowner Soon can help many applicants go from getting the same answer (“NO”) to approval by using a ‘Rent to Own’ approach, which is where a property is leased to a client on a weekly or monthly basis with payments in between, allowing the client to purchase at any time.

One Step Closer To Owning With A Rent-to-Own Plan

Renting to own a home only requires 3% down or $10,000 down payment, whichever is greater, and the clients can move into the home or property, then HOS Financial looks at the circumstances that made the bank say no (such as a bad credit rating), and helps to repair those matters so that just about anyone can finally own their home. The HOS Financial program also helps with managing budgets and credit matters to prepare potential homeowners for the costs of owning a home.

Renting to own a condo is also very similar and it also helps to repair bad credit and other issues. A low credit score is less important, and HOS Financial seeks to help with a long-term plan that will result in becoming a bank-approved mortgage applicant and therefore becoming the full owner of a beautiful condo.

Help For Those Facing Foreclosures or Power Of Sale

HOS financial can also help with a Power of Sale/Foreclosure, keeping current homeowners inside their home and also eliminating any debt or credit issues if they can’t pay their mortgage on time. The company can give necessary advice that would protect homeowners facing these issues. HOS Financial has a program that allows current homeowners to sell their home to the company, while their pay rent which partially goes into a down payment, and once they have enough money they can buy back their home and then apply for a new mortgage from the bank without the event ever showing up on their credit report!

Finally, HOS Financial can also help with managing credit in order to keep every part of their client’s financial life on track as they go through this process, ensuring they can get a job, make loans, and maintain control through speaking with Credit Specialists in the HOS program.

About The Company

HOS Financial seeks to bridge the uncertain gap when a bank says “no”, to giving their clients full ownership of their home, regardless of their financial situation or the odds they are facing, even if they are dealing with a foreclosure. HOS Financial has over 15 years invested in helping long-time renters achieve their goal of purchasing a home as well as homeowners facing foreclosure keep their homes!

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