Cascade.FM, a new streaming platform for all music artists launching soon.

March 21, 2018Cascade.FM a new streaming platform for all music artists will be launching by April in the U.S.

Cascade.FM is a new music streaming platform and licensing company all in one with the first non-exclusive agreement that guarantees the best new music by artists you have never heard of before.

We are dedicated to providing listeners a new experience every time they tune in. Unlike other platforms, our decision-making is not hindered by the music industry’s politics.

In other words, if your music is ready for commercial radio, our team of curators welcomes you warmly.

We have a dedicated team of music curators that search for new talent, thoroughly examine artists and listen to all independent artist submissions every day.

Cascade.FM is the only company targeted directly towards the untapped potential of the independent music market. Our business model is based on fairness and equal opportunity, because we believe that growth should be proportional and all parties should benefit accordingly.

This streaming service will revolutionize the relationship between artists, businesses, and fans. More importantly, it will help eliminate the misconception that only a handful of the popular artist is worth listening to, Cascade.FM focuses on giving these artists a platform in which they can truly be heard, allowing them to connect with fans who desire new music that is authentic and address the problems in the current music streaming economy.

We propose a solution by creating an infrastructure that gives artists the freedom to promote their music on any other platform with our non-exclusive agreement.

As part of our mission, we are here to get every city’s most talented indie-artist exposure on the revolutionary platform as well as all the other mega platforms.

Cascade.FM has collaborated with local businesses and brands to play and promote the work of our artists through curated playlists while simplifying the math behind complex streaming pricing rates to create a standardized fee.

Cascade.FM offers a streaming music license for any type of business establishment, for the most competitive price in the market.  The other licensing platforms – ASCAP, BMI, SEESAC – are much more expensive and you won’t typically utilize their entire catalog of music.

At Cascade.FM we educate our business partners, most of whom do not even realize they are actually pirating music, that they must be paying royalties on the music they are playing in their commercial establishment.

Cascade.FM allows businesses to play their new favorite artists in full compliance with copyright infringement, under one streaming license.

Cascade.FM’s corporate mission is also to decrease the learning gap in the U.S. We are fully aware that budgeting for music programs are being cut down nationwide, and we are committed to keeping these programs alive because we know that music is an integral part in the making of your whole being.

We are creating a community of people that are forward-thinkers, social advocators and just tired of the saturated music corporations are feeding us.

In this new era of streaming, people are looking for more innovative to bring back the value of music and artists that truly mean well for society.


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