Enjoy Janette Jones breath-taking fictional story filled with drama.

Bellevue, Nebraska, 21 March 2017- Janette Jones has released an incredible book titled “Finding a Happy Medium”.The extent of emotions embedded in this awe-inspiring work of fiction is endless!

Finding a Happy Medium is the Sequel to Janette Jones last book “Cloudy Witness”. The sequel picks up where Cloudy Witness left off!

In a chaotic world, ‘finding a happy medium’ between paranormal invasions of the biblical-kind and their sanity is a daily occurrence for the likes of the Smiths, the Gibbons, the Whitman’s and Stephanie Willis. This awe-inspiring work of fiction is chocked full of biblical specters exacting unnerving drama in the lives of these seven mortals in ways never deemed feasible!

This book is filled with many imaginative illustrations written in well-structured and simple English. It is guaranteed to wow its readers and keep them on the edge of their seats in agitation as they pace through from page to page.


About the author

Janette is an ordained elder in the African Methodist Episcopal Church and currently serves as an associate minister at Allen Chapel AME Church located in South Omaha, Nebraska.  

As an accomplished playwright, director and producer Janette’s first stage production titled Sistah Girl debuted in 2002. The stage production received rave reviews that led to its eagerly awaited presentation for two years afterward. Its follow up, Sistah Girl Revisited debuted in 2005. Then as a tribute to a beloved deceased cast member, Sistah Girl Now & Again was produced in 2008 at the Witherspoon Concert Hall (Joslyn Art Museum).

In line with her writing ability, Janette’s first literary project was birthed in 2012 titled Cloudy Witness. Its long-awaited sequel is titled Finding A Happy Medium now available on Amazon, also online at Barnes & Nobles. Any questions lacking answers in Cloudy Witness are skillfully remedied well beyond speculation in this rewarding sequel.

Janette was a featured personality in the Emmy Award-winning 2009 documentary, ‘An Inaugural Ride to Freedom: The Legacy of a People, a Movement, and a Mission,’ an Omowale Akintunde film. The documentary was a depiction of a cross-country bus trip made by college students, and members of the Omaha community to the inauguration of the President Barak Obama.  

Still, later in 2010, Janette was later cast in Omawale’s 2010 film ‘Wigger.

Make My Day Floral Creations is home based business Janette started over twenty some years ago.  It consists of event planning and staging, fashion show coordinating and choreographing, as well as floral designing.  Janette’s floral designs have been commissioned from clients as far away as Chicago, Arizona, Texas, California, as well as Georgia.  

Janette and Jerry, her husband of forty-six years, both native North Carolinians have traveled extensively as a prior military family. They are the proud parents of two adult sons and one daughter. They also have three grandkids.

Visit Janette’s website at www.jusjan.com to see and learn more about her accomplishments.

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