Auto Shipping Tips for Drivers on the Move

Cheap shipping rates are not guaranteed if you want quality. Consider other factors besides affordability, such as reputation and experience, as you look for auto shippers. Here are several tips to help drivers who need good shipping deals.

Be Prepared for Damages

Car shipping includes the possibility of damages, such as cracks on the windows or tears on the upholstery. Be prepared by choosing a transport company that is insured. Since you insure a regular car, it’s also wise to insure the shipping process.

Some drivers take pictures of the cars in the current state. Know the damages that are already present on the vehicle’s interior and exterior. This makes it easier to identify any visible problems that occurred since the trip. 

Research the Company

Learn as much as you can about the transport company that you choose. Go on the website to review professional licenses and credentials. Look here for an online tool that helps you to create a personalized quote. 

Learn about general shipping rules that are set by the Auto Transport Association. These rules affect the speed and safety of your shipment. For example, drivers are required to work certain hours, so you cannot expect a fast shipment across the country.

It’s crucial not to rely solely on the company’s word. Read through the customer reviews when you research companies like Direct Express Auto Transport, which has thousands of positive reviews. Many customers find the best company just by reading the reviews.

Protect the Vehicle

Protect the vehicle from sustaining certain damages. Even a small scratch could cost thousands of dollars to repair. Fold back the mirrors, reduce the antennas and remove all personal items from inside. Consider using a covered trailer in case of heavy rain or wind.

You cannot prevent all damages from occurring, but you can make an attempt. Some companies have policies that remove any liability for damages that their drivers cause. You will not receive any compensation for accidents, thefts or vandalism. This type of contract places all of the financial responsibilities in your hands. 

You have many options when it comes to shipping a vehicle. The most important tip is not to limit your options based on price. Shop around and compare rates before you settle with one company. Review the general guidelines for people who are looking for shipping companies. Take the time to prepare you and your car for a move that is as successful as possible.

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