Customizing the Coffee Drinking Experience Through Technology

The global coffee industry continues to thrive. Over the years, industry reports have placed coffee as among the most widely-consumed beverage worldwide. While experts have their recommended ways of enjoying a cup, coffee enthusiasts also vary in their brew preferences. For years, customizing the coffee-drinking experience became both a challenge and a goal of the beverage container industry.

Smart and Sophisticated 

The good thing is beverage heating technology has also caught up with consumer demands. Smart sophisticated containers such as the Ember mug has now customized the coffee-drinking experience. Individuals can now set their ideal temperature levels on a long-term or even on a daily basis. For those who are always on a rush, presetting the container at ideal levels ensure no time is wasted. 

Look here to see how far heating technology has transformed consumer product development. When the technology was applied to coffee mugs, it paved the way for the entry of smart related products into the market. Aside from its temperature regulation capability, these smart containers have been integrated with other advanced features. 

As a smart mug, it can be connected to an app or program. This feature allow the individual to precisely set the ideal temperature parameters from a smartphone or even smartwatch. Advanced technology even takes customization one step further by allowing different presets for different types of beverages. For those who like to blend aesthetics with the coffee-drinking experience, a mug color change is even possible with a simple tweak. Most importantly, the mug has notification features that keep the owner informed if the beverage has reached the ideal temperature level. 

From Bean To A Hot Brew

Enjoying a cup of coffee at the right temperature highlights the quality of the bean. The National Coffee Association offers resources to enthusiasts who would like to know about their favorite beverage. From bean to a hot or cold brew, the association has a variety of information to help consumers enjoy their drink. 

Drinking coffee at the right temperature enhances the flavors of the bean. However, depending on the type of container, a hot cup of coffee typically cools down fast. While the typical serving temperature of a freshly brewed cup is around 160F, most coffee drinkers prefer their drink at around 135F. Luckily, with the temperature regulating technology available today, it is possible to maintain a cup of coffee at the optimum level preferred by the individual. This is what sets the technology apart from a standard cup or travel mug.

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