Utilizing a Cloud-Based Platform Helps Avoid Disruptions in Field Operations

Not all critical company operations and services occur in one contained area. Many industries deploy personnel on field-based assignments, which could pose a logistical challenge on a management level. Overseeing the company resources outside of the physical office space requires a high-degree of monitoring and coordination. 

Industry Application

Company resources comprise more than personnel and equipment, it also includes time, budget, and other essentials. Through a cloud-based system, monitoring the use of these resources outside the office is possible. Companies such as ServiceMax have innovated on the technology, giving managers the capability to supervise the resources remotely. 

Cloud-based field management tools can be useful when deployed across different industries. As an example, highly-specialized fields such as engineering and utilities often require quick action. With this tool, monitoring starts from the deployment of personnel from the office, continues with the onsite work, and continues with the assignment completion and feedback. 

Boost Productivity

For service-oriented businesses, a consistent stream of work orders ensures steady revenues. Managing these orders call for a streamlined tool with multiple functionalities. These include dispersal of assignments to different personnel teams and advance scheduling features. 

It also includes giving the assigned personnel the capability of analyzing the technical issue at hand. Before heading to the project site, the assigned personnel can do an initial assessment with the information inputted into the system. Going here would show how a practical field service tool could help boost service productivity. 

Trend Setting Tool

Cloud-based field management programs should pass standards set by the Software & Information Industry Association and other regulatory agencies. The association takes the lead in identifying trends across industries. The body also takes the lead in disseminating information on software trends, such as these cloud-based field monitoring programs.

For this type of management tool, it should be able to address remote monitoring and other company requirements in an efficient manner. As a cloud-based platform, it should be able to integrate performance metrics in managing specific tasks. At the end of an identified time period, a report can be generated reflecting actual performance data in comparison with these metrics. As an added value, the program should permit flexible access, so personnel can still use essential features while offline. 

Adopting the right cloud-based program could avoid unnecessary disruptions to field management operations. This is critical in industries where interruption in services could impact performance. This is also critical in service-oriented businesses where disruptions could affect customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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